Filipino Actress Cherie Gil Passed Away After Battling With Cancer At The Age Of 59

Cherie Gil ( Source : Mb )

Cherie Gil, also known as Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann, was a Filipino actress. Because of her talent as an actress and her devotion to Philippine cinema, she was given the nickname La Primera Contravida.

Gil has earned renown as a classic kontrabida in Philippine film for almost a 50-year career.

She has won a FAMAS Award, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Ani ng Dangal (Harvest of Honor) Award, and the Metro Manila Film Festival's Hall of Fame Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Cherie Gil's Death After Suffering From Cancer & Twitter Tributes

Cherie Gil death cause was cancer as she passed away on August 5, 2022, according to her friend Annabelle Rama.

She suffered from cancer for a long time but battled it to live her perfect life. Unfortunately, she left the world, leaving every fan and admirer in shock and sadness.

Cherie Gil's Death Tribute
Cherie Gil's Death Tribute ( Source : Africahit )

Many of her colleagues and fans have shared the sad news and expressed condolence via social media platforms. Her family is deeply in pain right now as they have lost one of their dear ones. 

Who Are Cherie Gil's Family?

Speaking about her family, Filipino singer-actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil were the parents of Cherie Gil. She was also the sister of actors Michael de Mesa and Mark Gil.

Her father is a former Filipino singer and actor. When he sang a Sammy Davis song, talent agents heard him. Later, as the main vocalist of Eddie Mesa And The Trippers, he switched his last name to that of his mother.

While her mom is a singer and actress from the Philippines, she is primarily recognized for playing wealthy socialite villains in her plays.

Learn About Cherie Gil's Husband And Children

The violinist Rony Rogoff and Cherie Gil were married; their two children are Bianca and Raphael. She also shares a child with actor Leo Martinez, her former partner named Jeremiah David (Jay).

Cherie frequently travels in her leisure time to visit her children, who are pursuing their goals overseas. In addition to their inheriting her wonderful looks, she has much more to be pleased with regarding her kids. Her entire family has completed their education.

Cherie Gil's Family
Cherie Gil's Family ( Source : Gmanetwork )

The eldest son, Jay of Cherie, maintains contact with his two younger siblings, who are also residents of the US, while working as an audio engineer in New York.

Bianca completes her Bachelor of Arts in Drama degree at New York University (NYU). Raphael also holds an NYU degree. He graduated from college in 2020.