Who Is Cherie Gil Ex Husband Rony Rogoff? Two Sons And Daughter Details Explained

Cherie Gil, the veteran Filipino actress passed away at 59 ( Source : En )

Cherie Gil is a well-known celebrity from the Philippines. Cherie, "Evangeline Rose Gil Eigenmann," invested nearly 50 years of her life and garnered the reputation of "quintessential kontrabida" in Philippine cinema.

Because of her sheer talent as an actress and her contributions to Philippine cinema, she was given the nickname "La Primera Contravida."

Cherie received the Ani ng Dangal (Harvest of Honor) Award from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), a FAMAS Award, and the Metro Manila Film Festival's "Best Supporting Actress" Hall of Fame Award.

Likewise, at the 2015 ASEAN International Film Awards, she won the coveted "Best Actress" title. The same year she was honored with "Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film" at the Madrid International Film Festival. 

According to preliminary reports, Gil passed away at age 59. Read further to learn about the shocking and heartbreaking death news of the country's La Primera Contravida.

Who Is Cherie Gil's Ex Husband, Rony Rogoff? 

Cherie Gil was previously married to violinist Rony Rogoff. Born in Israel, Rony was initially taught by his father, a founding member of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and Ramy Shevelov.

Cherie and Rony were married for twenty years before they divorced in 2008. Cherie left the program and returned to the US because she had a reconciliation with her ex-husband, the well-known Israeli musician.

In 2021, a relative claimed that Rony and Cherie had decided to get back together thirteen years after their divorce to be with each other. The assertion, however, had no further details or any effect.

Cherie Gil's ex husband, Rony Rogoff, and their son, Raphael Rogoff
Cherie Gil's ex husband, Rony Rogoff, and their son, Raphael Rogoff ( Source : Pixelatedplanet )

Cherie and Rony rekindled their friendship, one of the controversial reasons for her character's absence from Legal Wives. 

GMA-7 emphasized the actress' participation in Legal Wives despite Cherie's abrupt departure from the show. The reputable GMA-7 management remained silent on her disappearance, though.

According to preliminary reports, Gil, dubbed "La Primera Contravida" for her acting prowess and contributions to Philippine cinema, passed away at age 59.

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Details On The Children: Two Sons And A Daughter

Reportedly, at the beginning of this year, Cherie sold everything she owned, including her car, and flew to New York to be with her kids. Moreover, she also traveled abroad sporting a clean shave, representing rebirth.

The sudden departure was unexpected, and the entertainment industry felt her absence- why would not they as she was the most incredible "kontravida" the entertainment business has ever known?!

Cherie Gil shaved her hair in 2022 depicting her rebirth, started her new life in New York
Cherie Gil shaved her hair in 2022 depicting her rebirth, started her new life in New York ( Source : Philstar )

The veteran actress was a mother to three children; Bianca Rogoff, Jay Gil, and Raphael Rogoff. One of her children, Jay (Jeremiah David), is from her previous relationship with actor Leo Martinez, while she had the other two children with Rony Rogoff.

Before passing away, the megastar made an unsettling post about traveling to a place far from California to visit a close friend who was seriously ill. The Megastar wrote in her post, "I flew to a place very far away from California to visit a very sick friend who happens to mean the world to me..."

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The Actress Cherie Gil Passed Away; Who Are Her Parents?

The death of Cherie Gil was confirmed by Annabella Rama, another Filipino actress, who posted on social media and asked her followers to pray for iconic actress Cherie Gil. She died on Friday, August 5, 2022.

Following her death, one of the users on Twitter wrote, "I'm so sad that one of the best actresses of all time, Ms. Cherie Gil, passed away this day, August 5, 2022, at 5 pm. We will gonna miss you forever, La Primera Contravida!"

There are several rumors regarding her death; nevertheless, the exact cause is unknown. Social media is pouring with the tributes people have done for her.

Cherie started in the entertainment industry at a young age, thanks to her famous parents and talented acting siblings. Gil was born in Manila, Phillippines, on May 12, 1963. She was born to her parents, Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil.

Cherie gave a lead role in the 1978 film Bubot a Bayabas with another newcomer, Ronald Bregendahl. The movie was a flop when it was first released. But in 1979, film heiress Lily Monteverde reintroduced Hil through the zeitgeist teen idol Lloyd Samartino's Problem Child.

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