Meet Teen Mom OG Cheyenne Floyd On Instagram, Pregnant With Boyfriend Or Fiance Zach Davis

Cheyenne Floyd attending an event ( Source : Thesun )

Popularly known as Cheyenne Floyd, her first name is actually something else. But, what is it?

Floyd is an American actress, reality TV star, and online personality. She is most popular as the regular member of MTV's hit show, Teen Mom OG, and the Teen Mom franchise.

Working both as a photographer and entrepreneur, Floyd is also a full-time mother of three. Likewise, she is going to start her new role as a wife very soon. 

Teen Mom OG: What is Cheyenne Floyd First Name?

Teen Mom OG Cheyenne Floyd's first name is Kristyn.

Floyd is one of the few people who use their middle name as their main name. Her known name, "Cheyenne," was actually assigned as a middle name. Cheyenne Floyd's real name or official name is Kristyn Cheyenne Floyd.

Cheyenne was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 19, 1992. Likewise, Cheyenne Floyd's parents are Kyle Floyd and Margeret Floyd. However, Kyle and Margeret are not together anymore. 

Furthermore, Kristyn also has a sister named R KyleLynn Floyd. The "KyleLynn" name is apparently the combination of Kyle's and Margeret's middle names. 

Cheyenne Floyd Wikipedia - Career Beyond Teen Mom

Despite her rise in fame as a Teen Mom OG cast, Cheyenne Floyd is yet to make her Wikipedia debut. But, you can follow Cheyenne Floyd's Instagram biography as @cheynotshy. She has a verified account with over 1.7 million followers. 

Cheyenne first appeared in Teen Mom OG in season 7 of the show in 2018. Since then, she has been starring as a regular in TV series. In 2022, she was seen in Teen Mom: Girls' Night In and Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Before Teen Mom OG, Floyd appeared in Are You The One? TV series. Similarly, she was also a cast at The Challenge (2016-2020)

However, Floyd always did not aspire to become a TV star. She was pursuing her public relations degree at Hampton University when Are You The Once? producers offered her a place in the reality series.

Eventually, she ditched her college aspirations. Today, she has launched her own merchandise and is also working as a photographer. 

Pregnant With Boyfriend/ Fiance Zach Davis

Cheyenne Floyd gave birth to her third child after being pregnant with her boyfriend turned fiance, Zach Davis, in 2021.

The reality star gave birth to her first two children with her former love, Cory Wharton. The ex-lovebirds met each other on the set of The Challenge: Rivals 3. 

Their first daughter, Ryder, was born when Floyd was 24 years old. Likewise, they welcomed their second daughter, Mila, in 2020. Despite no longer being together, Floyd and Wharton co-parent their two children.

After her split from Wharton, Floyd started dating Zach Davis. The two announced the arrival of their son, Ace, shortly after. Furthermore, their happiness knew no bounds when Davis proposed to his baby mama on the day of the baby shower on April 25, 2021. 

The two now share a happy family of five. They are planning to get married soon.