Chris Ivery, is an American music producer from Cambridge, Massachusetts who was born in 1967 and thus is currently 50 years old. He is known world over, as the husband to famous American actress Ellen Pompeo, who plays the role of Meredith in reality TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Here we look at some five facts about the husband of this America actress.


Quick facts about Chris Ivery

Full Name: Chris Ivery

Born: 1967

Age: 50 years

Place of Birth: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ethnicity: African-American

Height: 6.0ft

Profession: Music Producer

Net Worth: $10 million

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Ellen Pompeo (m. 2007)

Children: Three

1. Chris Ivery got married to Ellen Pompeo at City Hall

Many celebs are known to be people who hold very lavish weddings if just to prove how rich they are. This, however, was not the case with Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo, who, unlike fellow celebs opted for a civil union at City Hall in Manhattan with the city mayor, Michael Bloomberg as witness to the marriage. Later on, the two newlyweds would watch basketball game that featured the Knicks. This is despite the fact Chris Ivery has a net worth of about $10 million and his wife Ellen tops him at $30 million. Simplicity best defines this showbiz couple.

2. Chris Ivery and Ellen grew up in the same locality

When fortune came knocking on Ivery’s door after he met Ellen at a grocery store in Manhattan, none of them would ever tell that they would go far. But despite their first meet up being at a grocery store, the two happen to have been raised in the same locality of Cambridge, Massachusetts that is home to the world famed Harvard University. On top of this their homes were just ten miles apart, meaning that had the both of them been adventurous in their early years, they would have bumped into each other much earlier.

3. Chris Ivery and his wife are both fans of the Boston Celtics

It is no coincidence that the two love birds share some likes and an example of this is their unlimited support for the Celtics. The couple has been seen at many of the team’s home games whenever they are playing and Ivery has stated clearly that he started supporting the Celtics when he was just an aid and right now he is 50 years of age and still going strong.

4. Chris Ivery and wife got a child through surrogacy

The marriage between Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo has been blessed with three children; Stella Luna, who was born in 2009 by natural birth, their second daughter is Sienna May Ivery Ellen Pompeo, who, unlike her elder sister was born through the help of a surrogate mother who the couple paid for due to the busy career of Ellen that did not allow her settle down for a pregnancy in 2014. Later on in 2016 on December 29th, the couple was blessed with a third child, a son Eli Christopher Pompeo Ivery, who was given birth to by Ellen Pompeo herself.

5. Chris Ivery has been accused of infidelity severally

Every marriage union has its own struggles and this can also be said of Chris Ivery’s and Ellen Pompeo’s marriage, which has been marred by several cheating allegations on the side of Chris. An instance, was once when Chris while at a concert with friends tried to get a girl to go home with him but the girl refused because she knew Chris to be Ellen Pompeo’s husband. Chris insisted but his efforts were all in vain. Ellen would eventually come to know about the incident but the couple was able to resolve it.



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