Who Is Christine Manfield Partner? Everything On Her Age, Husband and Married Life

Who Is Christine Manfield Partner? Everything On Her Age, Husband and Married Life

Christine Manfield’s partner’s name is Margie Harris. She has also not publicized her age to her worldwide fans. Her social media accounts like Instagram also don’t reflect her marital life.

She is one of the dedicated chefs in the world who has culinary excellence which rates her amongst the World’s Best Chefs.  She is also an ambassador for Australian gastronomy which has a passion for spice. It has helped her career to span broad horizons across the globe as well.

In August 2007, she acclaimed Universal Restaurant opened which reflected her bold personality and perfectionist ethic within Sydney’s effervescent restaurant scene. Her Restaurant name has been inspired by all the flavors around the globe. Universal is one of the modern establishment and colorful space complementing Christine’s gastronomic delights and coveted desserts which is mainly known for their flamboyant names and unforgettable flavors.

Quick Facts:
Name Christine Manfield
Gender Female
Instagram christinemanfieldchef

Who Is Christine Manfield Partner?

Christine Manfield and Margie Harris who met in Adelaide are a Gourmet power couple. They have grown in different homes but also they shared a set of core beliefs which them “hardcore lefties”.

Both of them have shared their journey together through life, visiting different restaurants, traveling around the world, and collecting many new experiences with Sarah Macdonald in this episode of By My Side.      

Know About Christine Manfield Age, Wikipedia, And Husband Details

Christine’s age hasn’t been revealed to the public to date. 

She doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page in spite of her world-renowned works.

She has also not unveiled her husband’s details. Her social media accounts also do not give any hints related to her married life. From many sources, we came to know that she is married but hasn’t declared about her marriage and her family details to the public.

Know About Christine

Christine established her reputation from Paragon Café opened in 1991. Later on, she closed the Paramount in the year 2000 to focus on writing and consultancies. Then she ran a venture in London, East-West, which she again closed in 2005.

Her Sydney restaurant Universal was famed for combining diverse cuisines around the globe. At present, she leads tours to such destinations as India, Africa, South America, and Morocco and also writes for food and travel magazines,

She has written her book like Paramount Cooking (1996), Paramount Desserts (1997), Spice (1999), Stir (2002), Tasting India (2011), Dessert Divas (2014), and A Personal Guide to India and Bhutan (2015).

What Might Be Her Net Worth?

Christine’s net worth is still under review.