Clementi Mall Suicide: 17 Year Old Boy Jumps To Death Singapore Video Goes Viral On Reddit

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A 17-year-old boy fell to his death in the Clement Mall. Netizens speculate this to be a suicide, and the investigations have begun. Learn everything about the unfortunate event in this short feature.

A 17-year-old passed away in Clementi Mall on Monday evening. The untimely demise of the young boy has saddened the internet.

It has been reported to be an unnatural death, and the Singaporean authorities have now begun the investigation.

The exact cause of the death has not come out to the public. May the 17-year-old's departed soul rest in peace.

Clementi Mall Suicide: 17-Year-Old Boy Jumps To Death

A 17-year-old boy fell to his death in Clementi Mall on 23 May, and it may be a suicide. His dead body was found behind the mall.

The investigators have put up a blue tent in the area. It drew people's attention, and they came to know about the deadly incident.


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Spots of bloodstains were spotted in the walkway shelter and on the ground.

Police are protecting the ill-fated area, and locals are clustering around it. Some reports on social media suggest he had fallen from another building.

Clementi Mall: Singapore Video on Reddit & Twitter

Some videos of the Clementi Mall area are circulating on Tiktok, Reddit, & Twitter. 

The officers are walking on the walkway shelter on the roof. The horrible incident occurred on Clementi Avenue 3 at Block 441B.


As per uncle a 17year old girl fell.. lets pray for her and her family. 😢🙏🏻

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When the investigators came, the young boy was lying lifeless. An SCDF paramedic arrived at the scene and declared him dead.

An unreliable Tiktok post says he fell from a nearby block at around 4:00 pm.

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Clementi Mall: What Happened?

Clementi Mall died on Monday evening after slamming into the Clementi Mall ground. Netizens believe it was a suicide.

The authorities are still investigating the case, and it has not been confirmed to be a suicide, accident, or murder.

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Social media platforms are flooded with condolences to his family and friends. People are mourning the untimely loss of the young boy.

While the case is still under investigation, our thoughts and prayers go to his beloved ones. 

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