Coco Lodge Love Island Transgender Photos Before Surgery Never Seen Before

Coco Lodge ( Source : Heart )

There are rumors that Coco Lodge from Love Island is transgender. Both the participant and the producer, however, have not addressed it.

Simply put, there is a growing buzz on social media. Many people are wondering about this and want to know more about her sexual orientation.

Love Island, now in its seventh season, is one of the most-watched dating shows in the world. The show generates a lot of rumors and chitchat, and Coco Lodge is one of them.

Did Coco Lodge Undergo Plastic Surgery? - Before And After Photo

Following a deluge of questions, it has been asserted that Coco Lodge underwent surgery to get her amazing appearance.

However, Lodge has not yet discussed her plastic surgery or nose job on the show.

Coco Lodge from Love Island (
Coco Lodge from Love Island ( ( Source : Getsurrey )

No one knows whether genetics or cosmetic surgery gave her that stunning beauty; she withholds information about it until she chooses to make it public. In addition, the online pictures of her metamorphosis appear to be very comparable.

Therefore, until she decides to reveal it in public, it is kept a secret how she obtained that wonderful face, whether naturally or by cosmetic treatment. Her before and after images, which are also easily accessible online, show her to be identical.

Who Is Coco Lodge? Wikipedia

27-year-old Coco Lodge resides in Surrey. She is 27 so kind have been through every single type of man there is, the diva remarked when asked what she looks for in a man.

She has dealt with wonderful guys who were just not right for her and f-boys who thought they were Peter Pan and only wanted to be single.

Coco is a graphic designer, ring girl, and shot girl, among other things.

Coco, who is adamant about getting what she wants, claims to have "no filter" and describes herself as a person who doesn't hold back while speaking. She is a person who doesn't use filters. It frequently leads me into trouble.

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Is Coco Lodge A Transgender Woman?

There are many rumors and conjectures on the Internet. Similar suspicions surround Coco Lodge of Love Island, who is allegedly transsexual.

And a lot of the show's viewers have been wondering about this and wanting to know more about her sexual orientation.

But neither Coco nor the show's creator have commented on it. Another factor that may make this a problem is that her name is currently trending along with the transgender phrase, which is currently in vogue.

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