Who Is Conor Flynn? Dublin Man Jailed For Distribution

47 Year Old Irish Man Conor Flynn Is Arrested By The Police As He Recorded And Shared Private Video Of A Woman ( Source : Unsplash )

Dublin man, Conor Flynn, was sent to jail for six months after being found guilty of sending a private video of a girl to his friends on Snapchat without her permission.

Flynn knew the lady from an addiction recovery centre. He has accepted his mistake in front of the judge and regrets the issues that have been created because of his action. Flynn, who is 47 years old, is the father of 3 children and is currently a resident of Ireland.

Who Is Conor Flynn?

Conor Flynn is a 47-year-old Irish man who is working as a worker for a construction company based on Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore. He was suffering from some drug addiction and was a regular visitor to an Addiction recovery centre in Dublin.

Conor Flynn Was Arrested After One Year Since He Committed The Crime
Conor Flynn Was Arrested After One Year Since He Committed The Crime ( Source : Headtopics )

He had recorded a sex tape of a girl one year ago without her permission. He even shared that video with his four contacts on Snapchat. However, those four contacts are not revealed by the police yet.

Dublin Man Jailed For Distribution Of Personal Video

Conor Flynn met the girl at the same addiction recovery centre he used to visit. He brought the girl to his home on May 16 2021, and they both had sex with each other's content.

However, the girl, who was in her early 30s, was unaware that he was recording the whole thing with his video camera. He later shared the duplicate video footage with his four contacts through Snapchat.

The victim expressed that she is now afraid of men because of his actions. She also said that she feels unsafe walking at night.

People like Flynn have negatively impacted the minds of innocent ladies who trust them blindly. That kind of man takes full advantage of the situation, causing trouble for innocent ladies.

Is Conor Flynn In Prison Now?

He was sentenced to jail for six months after accepting all the charges against him. After the complaint was registered, Flynn went to Kilmainham Garda station and gave his statement.

The judge said that the woman's trust was violated, which has left her in a position where she feels ashamed and attacked. She said that her body starts to shiver when she sees Flynn.

Conor Flynn's Partner and Wikipedia

Flynn is an Irish man who has lived most of his life in Dublin, Ireland. He is a construction worker by profession. He recorded a private video of a girl and shared it among his friends on social media, which was done against the girl's will.

His family and other private details are still unknown. However, it is known that he is the father of 3 children.