Cris Cyborg Soon To Be Husband Ray Elbe And Brother Rafael

Cris Cyborg is engaged with her boyfriend, Ray Elbe in 2017 ( Source : google )

Professional Mixed Martial Artist Ray Elbe is soon to be the husband of Cris  Cyborg.

Cris Cyborg, a Brazilian-American mixed martial artist (MMA), was born in Curitiba, Brazil. She was raised with her brother Rafael Justino by her parents, Junrandir Justino and Cersima Gorete de Morais. Unfortunately, her parents were divorced, and her father had a habit of excessive drinking.

Ray Elbe, fiance and future husband of Cris Cyborg, is also a former MMA fighter with a professional record of 23-11. Ray had completed his welterweight division in multiple organizations throughout his career.

Ray spends almost a decade in his professional fighting career. However, his injuries, mainly in the knee, made him stop his career in 2010.

Who Is Ray Elbe? Everything To Know About Cris Cyborg Fiance

Cris Cyborg's partner Ray Elbe is a former professional MMA fighter working as a BJJ practitioner and coach.

Cris Cyborg and Ray Elbe are not husband and wife, even though they announced their engagement in 2017. 

It's been more than five years since their engagement, and they have not set the wedding date. Before entering into a relationship with Ray Elbe, Cris Cyborg was married to MMA fighter Evangelist Santos.

Ray Elbe with his future wife Cris Cyborg. They got engaged in 2017.
Ray Elbe with his future wife Cris Cyborg. They got engaged in 2017. ( Source : cenapop )

Ray Elbe was born on 9 December 1982. He went to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, and started his Mixed Martial Arts training. He was more dedicated to MMA, continued his training with lots of hard work, and became a successful professional athlete.

Ray had maintained a professional MMA record of 23-11. He had done the welterweight division with multiple organizations during his period. He had a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and was awarded 3rd stripe in Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt under Prado of Brazilian Top Team Orange County, CA.

In 2010, he announced his retirement from his professional fighting career due to his injuries, mainly in the knee area. He had fought for a decade. Before retirement, he had a six-fight winning streak, including three fights won through round-one finishes.

Cris Cyborg's Brother Rafael Justino Is An MMA Fighter

Cris Cyborg's older brother Rafael Justino, professionally known as The Jackal, is a Professional MMA Fighter out of Curitiba, Parana, Brazi.

Rafael Justino is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple belt holder and well-trained in Chute Boxe Muay Thau and BJJ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Cris Cyborg's brother Rafael started his training centre to generate new fighters
Cris Cyborg's brother Rafael started his training centre to generate new fighters ( Source : instagram )

At 35, Cris Cyborg's brother made his first international win against David Parreno in the Peru Extremo-International Peru Fighting Championship event's main event. His victory in Peru makes Rafael's record up to two wins, one loss, and one contest.

Her brother has started a school called institutoemacao to provide training to new fighters. Through his social media, he announced his institution. Cris Cyborg posted a post and wished her brother success in his new initiation and producing a new generation of fighters.