Dad Ryan Williams and Mom Aneta Sochan, Meet Jeremy Sochan Parents

Jeremy Sochan ( Source : Espn )

An academic basketball player named Jeremy Sochan is a Polish-British.

Sochan spent most of his childhood in Milton Keynes, England, where he developed his basketball skills. The multifaceted basketball player won the gold medal in the crew competition, making him the 2019 Fiba U16 European Champion. Jeremy was named the MVP of Division B in the 2019 FIBA U16 European Championship.

Smooth and gifted combo forward Jeremy Sochan was projected to go high in the first round of the draft. On the court, Sochan is a one-man band who can defend in the post and open areas and works very hard to stop opponents. With the ball in his hands, he shows flashes of great driving and scoring ability.

The multitalented athlete has participated in national teams for Poland. Likewise, he is the nation's youngest player to ever compete for Poland.

Jeremy joined Baylor as a freshman and immediately left his imprint there. Due to his unique physical attributes, apparent versatility, and potential upside, Sochan, a less-noticed freshman forward for Baylor, has shot up draft boards recently. 

Dad Ryan Williams and Mom Aneta Sochan: Meet Jeremy Sochan Parents

Jeremy is the son of Ryan Williams and Aneta Sochan. His mother played basketball and came to the United States from Poland to attend college. In the US, his mother first met his father. The city where Sochan started playing basketball was Milton Keynes, where his mother resided.

Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan ( Source : Nypost )

The father of Jeremy, Ryan, who played basketball as well, passed away in a car accident in 2017. Ryan was a wings player. Basketball was Ryan's sport of choice when he was a student at an Oklahoma university. He possessed American citizenship and was an American.

ESPN reports that Jeremy's basketball-playing parents both participated in college basketball in the state of Oklahoma. Aneta, who is originally from Poland, relocated to Oklahoma to play basketball in the United States. She also met Jeremy's father there. 

Jeremy Sochan's Brother/Sister And Siblings

Being exposed to sports at a very young age finally sparked Jeremy Sochan's passion for athletics. He was born to a Polish mother and an American father who are both athletes.

Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan ( Source : Si )

In an interview, he mentioned his brother who is also in love with sports, playing basketball and football. Sochan further added that his brother is a really good runner.

No additional information about his brother has been mentioned.

Jemery Sochan NBA Draft Profile 2022

Sochan started his high school career at La Lumiere School in Indiana before leaving the country as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. With both his parents being athletes and his grandparents involved in sports.

Jeremy Sochan in early times
Jeremy Sochan in early times ( Source : 247Sports )

Sochan grew up in a sports-oriented family. He played basketball, football, and rugby during his school in England. But later he mentioned, that it was really difficult to contribute his time to both so he ultimately stayed loyal to basketball choosing it.

A good scorer, Sochan was born in 2003 in a very isolated area of Oklahoma called Guymon, but once his mother graduated, the mother-son duo came to England in 2005. Before both of them moved in with his stepfather in Milton Keynes, they spent a few years living in Southampton. When they relocated to Milton Keynes, he played for the MK Trojans before returning to Solent Kestrels for a year when he was fifteen.

Sochan began playing basketball at age six with the Solent Kestrels. He claimed it comes easily to him to pass touch and also mentioned that since his mother played point guard, he most likely learned it from her.

Jeremy Sochan
Jeremy Sochan ( Source : Cialisprof )

Furthermore, he added that he genuinely loves just making a great pass and helping his teammates. He decided to move to America because he had always wanted to play college football and he thought the exposure would be greater there. Additionally, he intended to further his education, and playing basketball while doing so is quite successful in America, particularly at La Lumiere.