Hola, time for vacation!

So, you folks are leaving for a trip? Have an awesome and safe journey. But have you gone through nature and risk in the place you are going to visit? What, not? Yes, traveling is more than it sounds, we learn, it is an extraordinary experience but sometimes reason of one’s death too.

Therefore, make sure you are moving in a correct direction. We know you also want to have adventurous trip but it should not cost your life, right?

Here we have world’s most-risky and thrilling places. If you still have confidence and dare to face the situations then these spots are only made for you. Or else, steer clear!

If you want to smell a strong fire caused by bombing and gunfire, then Iraq is seriously waiting for you. And, yes, you too might be burned over that explosion so don’t be 100% sure that going you are going to return alive or without harm. Mostly, Iraq is ‘must not travel’ location for American citizens.

Baghdad, the capital of Iraq was considered as a most dangerous city on the planet in 2007 and it still is. The upcoming Iraq is awfully vague as U.S. military are leaving this nation.  Any of you could be shot at any time, day or night. Corpses are found in blood flowing here and there.

Being a war-torn nation it is not going to be peaceful at any moment soon. Since the hostility in Baghdad frequently consists of impulsive occurrence of a terror attack, it’s not appropriate not visit this place without any genuine reason.