Hola, time for vacation!

So, you folks are leaving for a trip? Have an awesome and safe journey. But have you gone through nature and risk in the place you are going to visit? What, not? Yes, traveling is more than it sounds, we learn, it is an extraordinary experience but sometimes reason of one’s death too.

Therefore, make sure you are moving in a correct direction. We know you also want to have adventurous trip but it should not cost your life, right?

Here we have world’s most-risky and thrilling places. If you still have confidence and dare to face the situations then these spots are only made for you. Or else, steer clear!


1. Baghdad, Iraq

If you want to smell a strong fire caused by bombing and gunfire, then Iraq is seriously waiting for you. And, yes, you too might be burned over that explosion so don’t be 100% sure that going you are going to return alive or without harm. Mostly, Iraq is ‘must not travel’ location for American citizens.

Baghdad, the capital of Iraq was considered as a most dangerous city on the planet in 2007 and it still is. The upcoming Iraq is awfully vague as U.S. military are leaving this nation.  Any of you could be shot at any time, day or night. Corpses are found in blood flowing here and there.

Being a war-torn nation it is not going to be peaceful at any moment soon. Since the hostility in Baghdad frequently consists of impulsive occurrence of a terror attack, it’s not appropriate not visit this place without any genuine reason.

2. Mali


Mali is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with its stunning nature and landmarks. But it is equally risky to travel this country with its up growing terrorism. This West African country has been considered as ‘do not travel nation’ by Department of State and has warned U.S. citizen about it.

There are various tourist attractions in Mali including Timbuktu, Bamako, Mopti, Djenne, and Gao. The architectural monuments and wildlife of Mali along with historic sites are enough to make droll to passionate travelers. But tourist locations are more prone to terrorist activities.

For example; in Jun 2017, 5 people were killed during firing occurred in a resort near the capital of Mali. With the increasing criminal violence since 2009, the number of tourists is dropping drastically like in 2011, more than 200,000 tripped to Mali where in 2012 only 10,000 tourists were there.

3. Mexico

This sophisticated country is visited by numerous tourists every year to celebrate their holidays. But many tourists, especially from U.S., have been the casualties of those criminal acts such as kidnapping, carjacking, robbery, and homicide. This beautiful Latin American nation hides the bitter secret of that eternal beauty.

However, the resort areas are safer than rest places where rarely people visit. There is also Travel Warning issued by Department of State that warns U.S. citizens about the danger of traveling Mexico. The corrupted police are not letting the Mexican government combat crime with additional forces and police.

And if you are already in Mexico, be highly careful in Playa Zipolite which is also known as the Beach of Death. The fatal waves and shred currents make Zipolite as one of the most deadly beaches of the globe with infrequent shark attacks. So, stick around the possessions of resorts you are staying while in Mexico.


4. Venezuela

The whole Venezuela is dealing with criminal activities where its capital city, Caracas is in the top. No wonder, Venezuela is relatively cheap and those incredible beauties are flaunted by travelers. And regardless of the Andes Mountain backgrounds and the tranquil Caribbean coastline, violence has reached its height in this country of Islands.

The ongoing crisis since 2012 has introduced problems like shortage of food, medicine that is followed by several protests. In fact, most terrible crime has taken place recently when former Miss Venezuela, Monica Spears along with her husband and 5 years old daughter were shot. Fortunately, they survived.

Venezuela is also listed as the second highest murder rate around the world, so it might not be the best time to fly there. But if you are already there, don’t wear expensive jewelry or use gadgets. Stay safe fellas!

5. The Sahara Desert


Okay, you are fighting with temperature and dealt with thrust, great job. But the journey is not finished yet and danger too. It is nothing like we imagine, the place is full of living and disastrous things as well. All toxic snakes and scorpions, poised gazelles, furious cheetahs and addaxes dear place be the Sahara Desert.

The U.S. Department of State has warned its citizens that there is a possibility for terrorism. Moreover, Western Sahara is more dangerous with aggression related to politics and numerous unexploded mines. Though, tour agencies affirm that the desert is safe and you won’t go to Western part.

Select a reputable agency and avoid bargaining if you want your life. Also, it is common to ask additional payment in between tour. While going through this major desert, violent sandstorms and flash floods are waiting for your welcome. And say what? Most people die from sinking rather than from another difficulty.

6. Tanzania

Tanzania is the residence of several popular national parks of Africa and the regal Mount Kilimanjaro growing over the Serengeti. The wildlife, beaches, and islands of this country have greeted millions of tourists around the earth.  It is the perfect place for those who want to soak in sunlight and have an adventurous trip.

There are many safari tours operated by neighboring companies, so rather than worrying about the potential danger, know whom you are going to give payment. Do study and research carefully while choosing the company. Safaris are a great way to watch animals very closely but still, you need to stay alert of those wild beings.

Also, carry less money with you along with your passport and other papers in a small purse and hide it under your baggy clothes. Don’t carry your wallet or cash in hand while bargaining or talking about price. And most importantly, take taxis only from hotels and recognized taxi stands.


7. Haiti

Haiti has been always cursed with a natural disaster that has worsened the plot of this country. And following a destructive earthquake in 2010, numerous people died and millions dislocated whereas the nation is still trying to build itself. Haiti is fighting with poverty and other occurring disasters.

This country has 77% of poverty line that makes it the poorest American nation as well as one of the poorest around the planet. But this dearth nation still offers a gorgeous beauty of nature and architectural attractions. The heavenly beaches, wonderful waterfalls, mounted fortress, palaces, and cathedrals are enough to magnify the tourists.

But the fact is that generally poor nations has high criminal rate, and Haiti is one of those countries. Though traveling within Port-au-Prince is safer. There occur kidnapping and crimes but, are lessening than before. The corrupted police officers are giving more way to violence and crimes that are making visitors difficult to travel freely.

8. India


No doubt, India is full of natural beauty and unique attractions. From seven wonder of the world to desert of Rajasthan, all are equally perfect with great tourist recipient. It is also growing as one of the most powerful nations of the world.

There are lovely beaches, hills and mounted fortress as well as exquisite palaces. The holy river, the Ganges which also has dolphins and glacier and one can raft as well. From south to north, India is loaded with astonishing beauty. And it is cheap to visit India though they offer mouth-watering foods and sweets. It is placed to be visited once in a lifetime.

But there are also flaws that may lead to death and that are roads. Kishtwar Kailash Road is just an example from India which is seriously very dangerous road in the world. The road just fits single vehicle and it is windy along with hairpin bend turns. And that’s on 1,900 feet above, it’s true. And, India also holds the high amount of railway disasters with hundreds of people’s lives.

9. Brazil

Brazil is an exciting destination for the adventurous and relaxing trip. It is popular as a home of world’s best football squads, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival as well as the incredible Iguazu Falls. There are tons of places to travel in Brazil from the Amazon rainforest to tropical beaches with the Atlantic. And, the Pantanal wetlands as well as the vibrant metropolises in the Southeast, this country will never let you be bored.

And again, criminal activities, political stress, and the Zika virus will get on your way while in Brazil. Like in the rest countries of the world, protests are normal in Brazil too which might get fierce after police interruption. You need to be extra conscious of these things and stay away from such crowds if you are planning for Brazil.

Also, the U.S. Center for Disease Control has released warning while traveling for pregnant women due to the existence of mosquitoes that insert Zika virus in human. If pregnant women are infected with this virus there will occur a birth defect known as microcephaly.