Was Tim Hortons Owner Daniel Shwartz Arrested Again? CEO Charges And Recent News Details

Tim Hortons' CEO Daniel Schwartz has been arrested

The arrest of Tim Horton's CEO, Daniel Shwartz, has been widely publicized on the Internet, and people have been perplexed since this news came out of the blue. Now what came as more shocking is that Schwartz has been arrested on sexual assault charges.

According to multiple reports, the CEO was arrested for possessing child pornography. Read further for the full detail on this case.

Why Is The Owner Of Tim Hortons, Daniel Shwartz, Arrested?

It came as disbelief when Daniel Schwartz made recent headlines for discriminating against unvaccinated children, and the more severe case, possessing child pornography material. 

People who know him and do business with Daniel are criticizing him for his heinous misdeeds. He was charged with possessing images of child exploitation. 

Daniel Schwartz, the CEO of Tim Hortons
Daniel Schwartz, the CEO of Tim Hortons( Source : Smartindianews )

Talking about his profession, he served as the CEO of the Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons, also known as Tim's or Timmies, which serves coffee, donuts, and other items. Tim Horton's headquarters is in Toronto.

In 1964, Tim Horton and Jim Charade founded this company in Hamilton, Ontario, after a brief foray into the hamburger business. That organization was Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Horton's parent company.

Daniel, along with working as the Chief Executive Officer in Tim's, also is the executive chairman of Restaurant Brands International Inc. Likewise, the entrepreneur was a co-chairman of the RBI Board of Directors.

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Tim Hortons Owner's Charges And News Explained

On July 20, 2022, the CEO of the well-known Canadian breakfast chain Tim Hortons was arrested. For possessing child exploitation material. He was detained after being apprehended by police, and a bail hearing has been scheduled.

While Tim Hortons has not yet issued a statement announcing Schwartz's arrest, nor has there been any media discussion, everyone is saying that Daniel should not have participated in such a detestable crime, especially given his notoriety. Moreover, the police have recommended avoiding rumors and other false details regarding this case. 

The statement of Tim Horton's is crucial and customary in such high-profile cases, and it might come in the following days. To conceal the facts, large-scale technology and media were used, and in the case of any additional findings, the information will be made public by the official media.

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More On Daniel Shwartz Arrested: Where Is He Now?

Daniel Schwartz is currently in custody as state police arrested him while his bail hearing is pending. As aforementioned, NYPD officers and federal agents arrested him from his New York City home for possessing child pornography.

Canadians have already begun to boycott Hortons and refuse to drink Tim Horton's coffee. However, Schwartz's mugshots have not yet been released, but it is expected that police will do so soon. Reportedly, he is being held under a $5,000 bond under New York Penal Law.

Daniel Schwartz Arrested With Possession Of Child Exploitation Images
Daniel Schwartz Arrested With Possession Of Child Exploitation Images( Source : Theancestory )

Schwartz was born in 1980 or 1981 on Long Island, New York. His father was a physician, and they belonged to Jewish ancestry. Talking about Daniel's education, he graduated from the Wheatley School and received his Bachelor's degree in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University.

What people disliked the most is the man has time and again worked as an activist, and now that his true colors have been revealed, everybody is utterly appalled for the icon they have been looking up to.

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