Danni Ellexo: 5 Facts On Xyon Quinn Wife, Is He Related To Roman Reigns?

Xyon Quinn and his wife Danni Ellexo make a perfect wrestling couple.
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Xyon Quinn and his beloved wife, Danni Ellexo, are both professional wrestlers. They are a real power couple.

As both are fully engaged in wrestling and fighting, the couple has some sort of understanding between them and their careers because that is what they experience daily at their job. Both have deep inside knowledge of how it works, which helps strengthen their relationship as a whole.

Quinn is also a former rugby league player and has played for clubs like Illawarra Dragons, Canberra Raiders,  Brisbane Broncos, and the Gold Coast Titans in the NRL premiership. His real name, by the way, is not Xyon Quinn. It is just a made-up ring name for wrestling. His real name is Daniel Vidot.

Ge retired from rugby at the end of the 2017 season to pursue his career as a professional wrestler and signed a development contract with WWE. He made a ring debut in 2020 against Sheamus in Smackdown but lost the fight.

Daniel Vidot performs in WWE NXT 2.0 as Xyon Quinn
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Who Is Danni Ellexo? 5 Facts About Xyon Quinn Wife

Xyon Quinn, aka Daniel Vidot, is married to a gorgeous Australian model Danni Ellexo. His wife is also a pro wrestler.

Despite her busy schedule, Danni always makes time to care for her husband, Xyon, and family. Additionally, she is full of life and enjoys cheering people up and improving their lives when they're having a bad day. Additionally, Xyon considers himself fortunate to be with such a wonderful woman. 

On Instagram, Ellexo said, "I'm just so happy and thankful for everything in life... I can't stop smiling. She is a fitness freak, a qualified professional trainer who loves to exercise more than anything and loves to wrestle. She finds all the joy in doing workouts and testing her limits.

Xyon Quinn Wife Danni Ellexo is a model, singer, fitness expert and wrestler
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More About Xyon Quinn's Wife Danni Ellexo

  1. Danni Ellexo, just like her husband Xyon, is a professional wrestler. But her real name is Harley Cameron, and Danni is her ring name. Moreover. Her partner Xyon Quinn's real name is Daniel Vidot. Take the first name from her real name, "Harley," and the last name from Danie's ring name, "Quinn," and put it together; then it becomes Harley Quinn, a famous DC comic villain. 

  2. Harley Cameron also perfectly balances her singing career. She is a good singer and has appeared in some music videos of her own. Though Danni does not feel like moving on with her singing career, Danni frequently reminds her fans on social media that she can sing very well. She recently performed at the excellent fundraiser function "Dream Mania," which collected funds for the Florida Down Syndrome Foundation.

  3. Ellexo is a great fitness model. She has been modeling since the age of 13, and she excels at it. Sometimes she comes up with bold pictures of her on her Instagram that leaves fans in awe. Her curve and the hourglass-shaped figure result from her intense daily workouts and exercises. 

  4. Cameron, also known as "Triple Threat," made the front cover of the Fitness Gurls in June 2022. Thousands of followers of the wrestler, model, and singer were awestruck by her boldest photoshoot session. And she is creating quite a buzz on social media.

  5.  Xyon Quinn's wife, Harley, has signed a professional contract with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship; thus, she gets a front seat at every match as a ring card girl. She enjoys watching as much as going on the rings herself and has respect for all individuals who step on the ring.

Since Xyon Quinn and Roman Reigns have a few similar traits, many speculate the two wrestlers are related.

The former rugby league player Xyon Quinn is new to the WWE and does strike some resemblance with the record-breaking WWE champions Roman Reigns, which has led to many people believing they are related, a claim that has since been disproved. They are not connected.

Reigns' alleged affiliation with the Quinn family has been a matter of concern for a while; however, this is untrue. Roman, however, is related to the Uso Brother and Thr Rock. Besides, the 6 feet and 3 inches tall WWE wrestler's actual name is "Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i. He is also a former professional gridiron football player.

Quinn was born Daniel Sean Vidot in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and currently plays on WWE NXT. Additionally, he signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2018, marking his first appearance as a professional wrestler.

On the other hand, in the United States, Pensacola, Florida, where Roman Reigns was born, was on May 25, 1985. After playing for Georgia Tech in collegiate football, he started a career in professional football. But he soon changed his professional career to wrestling which his family had been doing for a decade.

After retiring in 2008 from football, Reigns subsequently sought a career in professional wrestling. Quinn signed a deal with WWE in 2010, appearing at their training facility Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). 

In 2012 as the lead member of The Shield with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, he made his debut in WWE. He went under the ring name Roman Reigns. Up until June 2014, the trio competed as a team. Then, Reigns switched to solo play. 

Xyon Quinn with WWE superstar Roman Reigns
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Xyon Quinn's Net Worth And Career Earnings

Xyon Quinn's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Since he recently began his wrestling career, he is not expected to have a massive net worth. 

Although Quinn spent most of his career in rugby league, he has not earned a big sum playing in the NRL. Besides, he has not made his worth and wages transparent hence it is just an estimation based on his way of living. Despite many intriguing new competitors in the rebranded NXT 2.0, Xyon Quinn may have been the one who has gotten off to the best start.

However, his net worth is projected to pump up as wrestlers, especially WWE wrestlers, make decent money from the company. According to Sportskeeda. Some wrestlers in WWE are on the list of the highest-earning athletes in 2022.

WWE NXT star Xyon Quinn has a net worth of around $1 million.
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The minimum earning an average wrestler gets in WWE is $250,000 and can range up to 10+ million dollars a year. The top-paid wrestler right now in WWE is Brock Lesnar. He makes a solid $12 million a year. Like Brock Lesnar, John Cena earns $500,000 for each primary event performance and receives a total of 5% of the ludicrous merchandise sales.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns, who people believe is related to Xyon Quinn, is the second highest-paid wrestler. His annual salary is around $5 million. On the other hand, Becky Lynch tops the list of a top-paid diva or female WWE star earning $3 million a year.

Some FAQs

Who is Xyon Quinn's wife?

Xyon Quinn is married to his wife Harley Cameron aka Danni Ellexo. She is a wrestler too.

What is Xyon Quinn's real name?

Xyon Quinn's real name is Daniel Vidot. He was born in Brisbane, Queensland.

Is Xyon Quinn Related To Roman Reigns?

No, Xyon Quinn is not related to Roman. However, they both played football in the past.