Where Is Danni Tamburro Now? 5 Facts On Adam Hicks Girlfriend

Danny Tamburro
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Danni Tamburro seems to finish her three years probation time now, and following that, the public is eager to know about her whereabouts. 

In 2018, actress Danni Tamburro got caught with her then-boyfriend Hicks for robbery. The news was unexpected and shocking for her followers, who were looking forward to her new work. 

Besides acting, she is also a producer, well-known for her work in Color Me You in 2017, A Dark Night, and Sins Unveiled in 2020. At the time, her then-boyfriend faced five years of a prison sentence. 

However, after serving 1,460 days, he was released. In the meantime, the public showed interest in the actress, who was alongside her boyfriend during a robbery.

Where Is Danni Tamburro Now? 

Danni Tamburro now lives a low-profile life after the 2018 arrest. She and her then-boyfriend Adam Hicks got arrested for an armed robbery. 

The officer caught them on 24 January 2018; however, Danni's family bailed her out of jail after a few days for $350k. Meanwhile, Hicks was declared unfit for trial at the time. 

Tamburro and Adam faced charges of two robberies and three attempts. However, as per The Sun, in 2019, the actress "pleaded no contest to one count of robbery & two counts of grand theft."

Also, she received three years of formal probation, which seems to have ended. Regardless, she is keeping her profile low and private from media exposure.  

She is available on Instagram with the user name @dannishea and has more than 27k followers. The actress has kept her social media private, and her account is yet to be verified. 

After her 2018 arrest and probation, she got cast on a short drama thriller movie named "Sins Unveiled" in 2022. The short film received six wins and one nomination. 

Danni Tamburro
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5 Facts On Adam Hicks Girlfriend Danni Tamburro

Adam Hicks's then-girlfriend, Danni Tamburro, became a controversial subject when the couple was involved in a 2018 armed robbery. 

Here are 5-facts that you don't want to miss on the actress

1. Danni, born in Texas, had a career breakthrough with her work in the 2017 film "Color Me You."

2. She stepped foot in the entertainment world when she was a year old and appeared in different TV commercials. 

3. The actress has a talent for writing her music and is passionate about singing. Surprisingly, she is also the first class equestrian. 

4. She loves volunteering in her spare time at Children's Hospital in a program named "Shine on Siblings." 

5. Her first movie, "1 Interrogation," was released in 2017. She played the role of the daughter of the abusive Tom Arnold. 

Danni Tamburro with Adam Hicks
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Danni Tamburro Age Difference With Adam Hicks 

Danni Tamburo was born on 29 June 1994 in Burbank, CA. She is currently 28 years of age, with a star sign of Cancer. 

Meanwhile, Adam Hicks was born on 28 November 1992 in Las Vegas, NV, and is 29 years old and will soon be 30. They have an age difference of about a year, with not much of an age gap. 

They were in their mid-age when they dated each other and got arrested for armed robbery. 

Danni Tamburro and Adam Hicks
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Danni Tamburro Net Worth In 2022

Danni Tamburro estimated net worth is approximately $1 million to $5 million as of 2022. She is a movie actress and producer who have starred in several movies and short dramas. 

Besides, she also earned from commercials and endorsements. She has been active in the entertainment world for years. 

To date, the actress must have earned pretty much with her career in the industry.