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Danny Gabbidon Wife Wided Gabbidon Is Nicknamed Habibti

Danny is married to his beautiful wife Wided Bentamoune.
Danny is married to his beautiful wife Wided Bentamoune.( Source : instagram )

Danny Gabbidon is married to his wife Wided Gabbidon whom he lovingly calls Habibti. Danny has an age gap of six years with his wife.

Danny and his wife, Wided Gabbidon, started dating in 2014 and have been together for eight years.

The couple has a long history of being genuinely in love, and their friends and family respect them for their devotion to one another.

He is a former Welsh professional footballer who played as a defender for various teams, including West Ham United and Queens Park Rangers. His wife supports his sports career.

Wided, his wife, appreciates spending time with him since it gives her more energy. They both gain mental support while together and serve as each other's pillars of support.

He primarily works for BBC Radio Wales, where he co-comments on club games for the Welsh Football clubs, and his wife is very proud of his achievements.

Inside Danny Gabbidon And His Wife Wided Relationship

Danny Gabbidon and his wife Wided Gabbidon have been in a relationship for eight years. Danny and Wided will celebrate their ninth anniversary in 2023.

His wife's maiden name is Wided Bentamoune. She was born on August 11, 1985, and is currently 37 years old. Due to their intense love for one another, he fondly calls her by the nickname Habibti, which means darling.

They have been going on vacations or extravagant outings to mark each other's birthdays.

Danny and Wided have been together since 2014
Danny and Wided have been together since 2014 ( Source : instagram )

Danny and Wided made their relationship public on Instagram on January 8, 2015, though they had been dating since 2014. Danny announced their love to the world for the first time by posting a picture of her with a heart on Instagram, which went viral.

The couple love to travel, and in August 2017, they went to Rome, Italy, where they had a great time exploring the city and eating local cuisine. They dined at the Osteria Dell'antiquario.

On Wided's 35th birthday, Danny called her a catch of the century and on her 34th, he acknowledged how important she was to him. 

"Happy birthday @widb another year older and another year more beautiful and wiser. The biggest compliment I can pay you is I can’t remember life before you! The best 5 years of my life and many more to look forward too. Let’s have the best day! Love always, my habibti."

Danny celebrates his wife birthday on August 11
Danny celebrates his wife birthday on August 11 ( Source : instagram )

Due to the nature of their careers, they had to be apart for extended periods when they first started dating. When they are together, they enjoy going on date nights, and Danny's Instagram is flooded with pictures of them doing so.

Their favorite restaurant to dine out at is Koji Restaurant. If they are not at home, they are usually there savoring new items on the menu.

Danny And Wided Have Two Kids

Danny Gabbidon and his wife Wided Gabbidon are parents to two kids. Danny has one son and one daughter.

Danny's daughter, Jade Anderson, does gymnastics and is part of the Tetbury Gymnastics Club. In 2017, she won a gold medal at a competition.

His children are his savior, and he dedicates his life to them since they have encouraged him and drive him to pursue more in life.

Danny is a father of a daughter and a son
Danny is a father of a daughter and a son ( Source : instagram )

On mother's day, Danny took a moment to appreciate his wife, "Happy Mother’s Day sweetheart. We are so lucky to have you. Thank you for everything that you do for us. We are truly blessed."

Additionally, his Instagram is crammed with pictures of his kids, and he posts about everything they do on social media, demonstrating his love for his daughter and son and his belief that they have been a blessing in his life.

On June 9, 2018, while vacationing in Roves Farm, he wrote, "The family is God’s greatest masterpiece."