Is Dave Sharma Jewish? Know About The Australian Politician's Religion And Ethnicity

Dave Sharma is a former politician and public worker who ran for the Liberal Party in the federal election. Is he Jewish? Here is all the information you need to know about the politician.

Dave Sharma is a former politician, public servant, and diplomat from Australia. He is the second Australian ambassador of Indian descent.

He is famous for serving as a Liberal Party. Sharma was elected to the House of Representatives in 2019 to represent the Wentworth constituency in New South Wales. In the 2022 election, Dave was defeated by independent 'Allegra Spender,' evolving the only person to lose 'Wentworth' twice.

Dave Sharma Religion - Is He Jewish? 

Many of Dave Sharma's devotees are charmed by his performance and want to learn more about him. Is he Jewish? The frequently asked question concerning politicians.

Sharma is not Jewish, according to the web source. Nonetheless, he speaks out when the Jewish community requires assistance or anything else. Sharma has pledged to continue advocating for the Jewish community if the Liberals win his seat.

A politician is up against opposition candidate 'Allegra Spender,' but he claims to have a unique track record for the Jewish population in Wentworth. He demonstrates that he is someone who will stand up for the Jewish community when they are in need, not simply to curry favor and promise to be a good buddy during election season.

Dave claims that his stint as Australia's ambassador to Israel from 2013 to 2017 influenced his approach to the Jewish community.

Dave Sharma Parents And Ethnicity: Learn More About His Family

Dave Sharma was born in 1975 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to caring and loving parents. His ethnicity is mixed. His father is an Indian-born Trinidadian, while his mother was born in Sydney.

Dave claims that his grandfather was a Brahmin priest from Uttar Pradesh, India, who arrived in Trinidad in 1908. His father was one of nine children. His father was born in Trinidad in 1928 and now resides in Sydney. His mother died of breast cancer when he was too young. Therefore he was reared only by his father. 

On the other hand, a politician now divides his time between Australia, Canada, & Trinidad. 

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Meet Dave Sharma On Instagram

Dave Sharma uses the handle @davesharmaforwentworth on Instagram.

With 17.8k followers, Sharma frequently updated his admirers on his activities. A well-known politician often uses Instagram to share selfies, work-related snaps, videos, & photos with his friends & family.

According to his Instagram, Sharma is a highly active guy who spends a lot of time communicating with his fans & followers on social media.

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