Who Is David Clowes? $280 Million Net Worth Amid Derby County Takeover

Credit: DCFC

Derby County has new club management as David Clowes completes the takeover of the football club. The businessman has confirmed that he has paid the debt so that the club can continue next season. 

A lifelong fan of the Rams, David Clowes is the new owner of Derby County. One of the most historic football clubs in the country, the club has gone through a rough patch financially and emotionally. 

The financial management had been a wreck leading to the coach, Wayne Rooney leaving the club last season. But under new ownership, the club and its fans feel revived. It is now owned by someone who loves the club and will do anything for its prosperity. 

David Clowes Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Derby County's New Owner?

David Clowes has a net worth of $280 million, as per The Sunday Times. 

The magazine published the rich list in 2018, meaning that his assets have probably increased as of 2022. At the time, Clowes's net worth was believed to be increased by $55 million in one year. 

Moreover, David Clowes is the chairman of the property development company, Clowes. a company he is associated with for the last 37 years. He was appointed the chairman of the company in February 2015. 

The businessman runs the company from Derbyshire and he is a huge fan of the football club. So, maybe, it's time that Derby fans breathe a reprieve from the emotional breakdown and sit tight for wonderful seasons to come. 

David Clowes Career Earnings And Biography To Know

David Clowes is set to become the owner of Derby County Football Club. 

Academically, the business is a pilot. He reportedly owns a Super King Air 200, a jet worth around $1 million. Besides, the businessman worked for British Midlands Airlines for 12 years. He flew Boeing 737s and was promoted to Captian in 2004. 

Since 2012, Clowes has strictly been a businessman and has taken his company to unmeasurable heights. Let's all hope that he can repeat the same with Derby County as well. 

The buyout money, however, is not revealed until now. The management board is happy with the bid forwarded by Clowes and they are looking at terms to finalize the deal before the season unfolds. 

David Clowes Wife And Children: Meet His Family

David Clowes has not shared anything about his personal life until now. 

The businessman doesn't prefer to give details about his family. But as he is getting the spotlight for being the owner of Derby County, fans will be wanting to know about their owner's family life too.