David Fernandez And Joel Adames: Cardi B Friend Died In Manhattan Accident

David Fernandez, 40, and Joel Adames, 31, died during a fatal car accident on August 3, 2022. ( Source : Elnacional )

David Fernandez and Joel Adames were two locals of New York. They had a close connection with American rapper Cardi B.

A community in Inwood is grieving after a high-speed car crash on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. Fernandez and Adames were two victims of the horrific incident.

Manhattan Accident Kills Cardi B's Friends- David Fernandez and Joel Adames

David Fernandez and Joel Adames, the friends of Cardi B, were two pedestrians killed in Inwood car crash.

The victims reportedly stood on the corner where two high-speed vehicles had collided. 

According to Pix New York, a Subaru traveling west collided with a BMW traveling north, causing damage to five vehicles. The impact hurled the Subaru onto the sidewalks where Fernandez and Adames were walking. A Surveillance camera caught the event in time.

The victim, well-known to the Inwood community, suffered severe injuries and died immediately after the accident.

An hour after the collision, around daylight on Wednesday, a memorial of candles, flowers, and images of the men began to take shape at the junction of 207th Street and Sherman Avenue.

The head-on accident between two cars resulted in five others suffering severe injuries. In the upcoming days, the police will provide additional updates.

Inwood Community Mourns David Fernandez and Joel Adames' Death

David Fernandez and Joel Adames were famous personalities from Inwood, Manhattan. Their passing has created a grieving moment in the Inwood community.

A woman witness and Adames' cousin says: 'They were just standing there, and the cars [were] just jumping the sidewalk.'

Similarly, a friend of Fernandez, Jolemy Clase, says: 'He was just an amazing person. The community loved him.'

A relative of Adames says:'He was my little cousin, a sweetheart. He was the love of the family.'

In the meantime, @AlbortEinstone on Twitter has shown his rant against careless drivers.

He has tweeted: 'I'm surprised there aren't more accidents like the one in Inwood. People drive like maniacs & are forced to go in the wrong lane because of double/triple parked cars. I saw an NYPD tow truck drive past a line of them yesterday in Inwood. They should all be towed/ticketed.'

Cardi B memorialized Adames and Fernandez in a social media post.
Cardi B memorialized Adames and Fernandez in a social media post. ( Source : Instagram )

Rapper and songwriter Cardi B also honored her two friends on social media. She wrote: 'Stupidness, negligence, I hope the worst to who committed this!" The rapper also said. 'Took someone sooo loved, full of life and just all around amazing, leaving people to destroy. RIP JOEL.'

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Who Were David Fernandez And Joel Adames?

David Fernandez, 40, is from the Bronx, and Joel Adames, 31, is a native of Manhattan. Both were two prominent salsa dancers who showcased their talents throughout New York.

David, aka "David The Dancer," was a Salsa instructor and hair stylist. He taught many New Yorkers and is also the former winner of Salasa Content. Some of his celebrity clients were musicians, guitarist Max Santos and DJ Baby Face.

According to a witness, Fernandez had performed late-night hair styling for Adames. At 4 am, they went out to get a drink. When they headed home, a highspeed Sedan suddenly took their lives.

The two victims of the Inwood accidents were devoted, fathers and sons. 

Per Cardi B's Instagram post, Joel was the father of a baby girl about to turn two in the fall. 

Adames with his daughter in left.
Adames with his daughter in left. ( Source : Instagram )

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