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Does Deborah Czeresko Have Autism? American Glass Blower Health And Gender Update

Deborah Czeresko is a 60 years old glass blower.
Deborah Czeresko is a 60 years old glass blower.

Deborah Czeresko is a 60 years old American artist, designer, and glass blower born on the 27th of July 1961, based in New York City.

An alma mater of Tulane University, she began working with glass at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop, now known as Urban Glass, and won the 1st season of Blown Away. 

Is Deborah Czeresko Autistic? 

Deborah Czeresko hasn't cleared the air about having autism or being autistic, so we are unsure if she has Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The disorder is a developmental disability caused by brain differences, and people with the disability often have complications with social interaction and communication and restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests.

However, considering Deborah's lifestyle, she doesn't have trouble interacting with people and working with her colleagues to get things done; she also won the first season of Netflix's reality glassblowing competition, Blown Away. Thus, we presume that she is healthy with no disabilities; moreover, disability is not an inability, and many incredible people worldwide have proven this. 

Is Deborah Czeresko Man Or Woman?

Czeresko was born a woman in 1961, and the glass blower celebrates her birthday on the 27th of July every passing year; she is currently 60 years old and will turn 61 in a few days.

However, some people questioned her gender as they believed her gender was non-conforming when she appeared on the reality television series Blown Away. Furthermore, she commented about chromosomes and said the egg she created is typically female-oriented.

 Czeresko appears to belongs to the LGBTQ+ community.
Czeresko appears to belongs to the LGBTQ+ community.( Source : instagram )

Likewise, she also talked about the binaries of masculinity and femininity, which raised rumors about her being a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. Yet, the reality tv star has never opened up about her sexuality, so we presume her to be a woman as she has always been feminine.

Deborah Czeresko Trans Gender Facts Discussed 

Deborah hasn't revealed if she is transgender, but there have been speculations that she might be trans following her remarks against a male-dominated culture.

She was always vocal about her feminist ideologies and incorporated her experience as a lesbian into her work while she was a Blown Away contender. 

However, Czeresko hasn't confirmed if she underwent a procedure to change her identity or disclosed if she is married or dating anyone. But the reality tv star has chosen the pronoun she/they, and she has also added the rainbow flag on her Instagram bio.

Moreover, you can find the glassblower on social media under the handle @dczeey, where she has accumulated 93.6k followers. She uses the platform to connect with her well-wishers and update them on his work and lifestyle; she has made 369 posts as of the 23rd of July 2022.

What Happened To Deborah Czeresko?

Czeresko has been a victim of online bullying and got labeled a horrendous array of offensive swear words online, with some even calling her transgender.

However, she has never let the hate take over her strong mindset to achieve better things in life and has always focused on honing her skills and being a better version of herself.


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The reality tv star also made her appearance in the promo video for the 3rd season of Blown Away, and she is promoting the series on her social networking sites. Thus, we presume she will play a significant role in one of the Blown Away episodes.

Likewise, Deborah runs a glass art and abstract structure-related firm out of New York City and shares her art pieces on her social media platforms to share them with her followers. Moreover, her arts are available in the Corning Museum of Glass and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.