Debra Jeter 911 Call, Is Daughter Kiersten Jeter Still In Hillsboro Texas?

Debra Jeter was found guilty of murdering both of her daughters and was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. The plea agreement protected her daughter from testifying in court and prevented the threat of the death penalty.

Debra Jeter gently told the dispatcher, "I just killed my children," in one of the most notorious 911 calls. Just now, I slaughtered my kids."

Despite being wholly collected, she momentarily lost it when the dispatcher asked for her name. One of Debra's kids was still alive, and according to Debra, the other was "pleading to be saved."

What Happened During Debra Jeter 911 Call?

On a 911 dispatch audio played publicly on Wednesday, Debra Jeter can be heard pleading with the operator to send an ambulance quickly to the abandoned house in Hill County where she carried out the attack with a knife that left her younger daughter dead and her elder daughter seriously injured.

Debra Jeter, 33, who had pleaded guilty to capital murder and attempted capital murder in connection with an assault that left one of her daughters dead and the other critically injured, expressed her regret to her remaining daughter and her estranged husband before being transferred to a state prison unit on Tuesday in Hillsboro.

Jeter went on: "I'm strolling around the home, and, um, one of them is still alive. She is pleading for rescue, and I couldn't deal with it. Debra, a certified nurse, pressed the dispatcher for an ambulance rather than attending to her daughter. Debra warned Kiersten, her oldest daughter, that "they're coming."


After receiving a life without parole sentence on Tuesday in exchange for accepting a plea deal that spared her the possibility of the death penalty and spared her surviving daughter the trauma of having to testify, Jeter was moved Thursday to a Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison facility in Gatesville.

Due to the potential death sentence, the plea agreement protected Kiersten from having to testify in court.

According to sources, Debra Jeter started by stabbing Kiersten. As she battled with her mother, Kiersten begged for her sister to flee.

She begged her mother for help while still being alive and cognizant despite her horrific wounds. Three hours after picking up her kids, Debra Jeter called the police to report the crime, saying, "I just butchered my kids."

Debra Jeter, a nursing student, neglected to care for her daughter despite the fact that she needed care herself. Instead, Debra Jeter wandered around the abandoned house, pleading with the ambulance to arrive quickly, saying that her daughter, who had survived, was "pleading to be saved, and she couldn't bear it."


She continued by informing the operator that she was non-armed and didn't want to be shot by the police.

Debra gave the excuse that she was "heartbroken" about the divorce and custody dispute for her horrific deeds. Debra "believed that if she felt that way, we must all feel the same way, and she wished to end all of our sufferings," according to her ex-husband Lester Lee Jeter.

On May 27, 2010, Debra Jeter agreed to a plea agreement and pled guilty to capital murder and attempted capital murder. She was then given a life sentence without the possibility of release.

Is Survivor Daughter Kiersten Jeter Still In Hillsboro, Texas?

Since the childhood event, Kiersten Jeter has avoided talking to the press. She vividly remembers the horrific details of the incident that occurred 12 years ago.

She's between the ages of 24 and 25 right now.

Kiersten was sent to the hospital for an urgent procedure after being found in the Debra-Jeter abandoned home's bedroom. Debra excused her despicable actions by saying that she was "heartbroken" due to her divorce and child custody dispute.

Debra Jeter Husband and Rest Of The Family

Her husband went by the name of Lester Lee Jeter. In May 2009, Lester filed for divorce from his wife Debra for an unspecified reason.

Daughters of Debra Jeter, Kelsey, 12, and Kiersten, 13, were 12 and 13 years old when the murder occurred. Because of the problems in their marriage, she and her husband's mental health was suffering.

The first cause of this was criminal activity. While the other daughter lives, Debra kills her own.


The day following Mother's Day, on May 21, 2009, while she was at home with her two young daughters and unable to take the idea of losing both her husband and her children, she attempted her life.

Lee was worried enough to request a restraining order against Debra when he noticed her struggle for the first time, fearing the safety of their children.

The courts permitted Debra unsupervised visitation barely one day after she attempted suicide and less than three weeks after the restraining order was revoked.