Who Is Derrick Van Orden? Republican Wisconsin Politician Biography Details To Know

Derrick Van Orden is a running for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. ( Source : Vanordenforcongress )

The Republican candidate for election to the U.S. House to represent Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District, Derrick Van Orden's Wikipedia details, are available below.

Orden, who describes himself as an American patriot, joined the Navy at the age of 18 and had the honor to serve the nation for 26 years. Moreover, Derrick was an expert in firearms and firearm safety and retired as a Navy SEAL Senior Chief.

Politician: Derrick Van Orden Wikipedia And Biography 

Derrick Van Orden is an American patriot who ran for election to the U.S. House as a Republican candidate to represent Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District, which will occur on the 9th of August 2022 and the general election on the 8th of November 2022. 

Derrick is also a retired Navy who served for the nation for 26 years and departed with honor as a Navy Seal Senior Chief with five combat deployments, including Afghanistan and Iraq. Furthermore, the retired navy seal is an expert in firearms and firearm safety and has served in the Horn of Africa, Europe, Asia, and South and Central America.

The candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District Derrick is a retired Navy seal.
The candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District Derrick is a retired Navy seal. ( Source : Instagram )

Apart from his political career, Orden has also made his appearance on the big screen during his military service and is known for his role of Senior Chief Otto in 'Act of Valor,' Eartle in Surviving the Wild, Colonel Webb in Azadah, and Ship's Captain in Running with the Devil. Moreover, he has also appeared on Fox and Friends, Saturday Report, 'Wake Up America,' and Saturday Report. 

Meet Derrick Van Orden Wife, Sara Jane

Sara Jane is the beloved wife of the republican party running for Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District; the couple walked down the aisle, took the wedding vows in the 1990s, and has been together for more than two and a half decades.

Furthermore, Jane and Orden retired at a similar time and invested their time and effort into their farm, intending to give back to the village that had been so kind to them. However, her profession has remained a mystery, so we are unsure if she was into politics or engaged in other business.

Furthermore, the pair decided to reopen the village caf and began a two-year adventure to reestablish the Butternut Cafe as a hangout place for friends and family. After achieving it, the former navy seal decided to attend law school. However, the Republican candidate hasn't shared any pictures of his significant other on his social media, so no sufficient details about her are available on the internet. Hopefully, the Republican candidate will open up more about his better half in the upcoming days.

How Many Children Does Derrick Van Orden Have?

Derrick is a proud husband, father, and grandfather, so he does have children but hasn't disclosed the detailed intel about his grown-up kids; although he has shared having kids, he hasn't introduced them to the public yet.

Orden seems to be a person who does not prefer exposing the details of his loved ones to the media without their consent to protect their privacy, which is understandable. Moreover, his family members might want to have a low profile and don't want to get their private space invaded.

Furthermore, the retired navy seal hasn't shared any pictures with his children but with his grandchildren. He seems to have made two accounts on Instagram, one of which is a casual account where he posted a few random pictures under @sealbookofman. Likewise, he has shared all other stuff relating to his profession in @derrickvanorden.

In addition, as per his Instagram bio, he is a father of four and a peepaw to six; he recently got pulled over by police at the airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, while traveling with his family. A loaded 9 mm handgun happened to be in his bag, which was a coincidence, but he had to pay two fines and got ordered to take a firearms safety course.

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