Did Carmen and Corey Break Up? YouTubers On Open Relationship

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Youtubers Carmen and Corey are never far from the drama. But recent rumors say that they are no longer together. Did they break up? 

Over the years, family Youtube channels have amassed a lot of followers with their mutual arguments. People have been able to empathize with their issues and there has never been a time when people didn't like drama. 

Likewise, Carmen and Corey have also amassed a lot of fame online, courtesy of videos they share on Youtube. The family is best known for talking about their personal lives online.

Did Carmen and Corey Break Up? What Happened?

Youtubers Carmen and Corey might be breaking up after their recent fight. 

However, the couple has broken and made up several times in the past. So, fans think that they will come around this time as well. 

Carmen and Corey first broke up in 2017 when one of them was supposedly cheating. But the issue got resolved within a month. They again made a video about their separation in 2019. 

And likewise, the couple made up once again, saying that they are together for their son. They uploaded a video to confirm their marriage on February 28, 2020. 

A month after that, Carmen found out that she has undergone a miscarriage. Her pregnancy failed and the couple was denied the chance to welcome their second child. 

A Video On Reddit Says Carmen and Corey Broke Up: Is It True?

Fans are currently talking about a video that has gone viral on Reddit. 

As per the netizens, the video comprises the fight between Carmen Pritchett and Corey Pritchett and how they allegedly want a divorce. In the video, they tell each other that they aren't attracted to one another. 

However, fans on social media believe that Carmen and Corey won't be breaking up anytime soon. The fans have seen their worst and how they always stick together whenever it matters the most. 

The Pritchett Family Net Worth 2022 And Bio

Carmen and Corey Pritchett have an estimated net worth of around $1 million. 

Having started dating back in 2016, the couple legally tied the knot in February 2020. However, they are yet to have a wedding ceremony. 

Moreover, they share a child, CJ who was born in October 2018. Corey has another child, Ayden from his previous relationship. 

As of now, Carmen is 23 and Corey is 24 years old.