Did Cherie Gil Brother Mark Gil Have Cancer? Death Cause And Tribute

Mark Gil pictured during his acting years ( Source : Philnews )

Since Cherie Gil passed suddenly eight years after her brother Mark Gil, who also passed away from liver cancer, many wonder if the actress's death was caused by cancer.

Cherie Gil was a Filipino actress known as "La Primera Contravida" for her outstanding acting career and services to the entertainment business.

She became known in the Filipino acting world as the "ultimate Kontravida" and worked in the entertainment industry for almost 50 years. Since her debut in 1973, she has appeared in 130 different acting roles during her time in the spotlight.

At the height of her fame, Cherie received numerous honors, including the FAMAS Award and induction into the Metro Manila Film Festival's Hall of Fame in 2015. In addition to them, she also won several Best Actress awards in various competitions and categories.

Did Cherie Gil's Brother Mark Gil Have Cancer?

Mark Gil, a late Filipino actor, passed away from liver cancer. He received a diagnosis of advanced liver cancer in 2012 and fought the illness for more than two years before passing away in 2014. But the individual had decided not to tell the general public or the media about his condition.

Only when his family members announced, his death did the outer world become aware of his health state. According to the Independent, Mark died away quietly while he was sleeping.

Bald photoshoot done by Cherie Gil for the Mega Magazine
Bald photoshoot done by Cherie Gil for the Mega Magazine ( Source : Twitter )

Speaking of the actress's cause of death, the news portal confirmed that it was cancer, as they claimed, citing information from a different source and a friend of the publication. Since it is one of the top media outlets in the nation, the data appears to be relatively trustworthy.

Cherie also created her bald appearance for Mega Magazine's 30th anniversary, as Rappler noted on Twitter. The actress' struggle with illness appeared much more objective now that she was bald.

More About Family Of Cherie Gil

Regarding Cherie's Gil family, she was married to violinist Rony Rogoff, and the two of them had two kids.

The actress's husband and kids predeceased her. Cherie and Rony have two children, Raphael and Bianca, over their several decades of marriage. In addition to them, the woman also had Jeremiah David, a child from a prior relationship.

Cherie Gil at the Berlinale 2016
Cherie Gil at the Berlinale 2016 ( Source : En )

Her parents, Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil welcomed her into the world. Former Filipino singer-actors, both of them. The woman grew up among her brothers and sisters, Mark Gil and Michael de Mesa, who were also successful actors.

The eldest son of Cherie keeps in touch with his two younger siblings, who are now US citizens while working as an audio engineer in New York. Bianca earned a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from New York University in 2019. (NYU). Raphael also holds a degree from NYU. He graduated from college in 2020.

Cherie Gil's Death After Suffering From Cancer And Twitter Tributes

According to Annabelle Rama, Cherie Gil died of cancer on August 5, 2022.

She battled cancer for a long extended period to live the ideal life. Unfortunately, she passed away, shocking and saddening all of her fans. Admire many of her coworkers and supporters have shared the sad news through social media. 

Many of her coworkers and supporters have shared the sad news through social media and offered their condolences. Currently, her family is suffering the closing of a beloved member greatly.

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