Did Marvin Sapp Remarry? Meet His Son and All The Children With Wife MaLinda Sapp

Marvin Sapp, pastor of Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and contemporary gospel artist.
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American singer Marvin Sapp is the father of three children. There are speculations that the singer has remarried and living a private life.

Sapp has made a big name in gospel music. He became well-known after making music with the group Commissioned in the 1990s.

His most loved song is Perfect Peace, recorded in 1995. Following that, he released 12 songs, the highest-charting of which, Never Would Have Made It, reached number one on the gospel charts and number 86 on the Billboard 100.

As of November 17, 2019, Sapp is the senior pastor at The Chosen Vessel in Fort Worth, Texas. He is also the founder of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Since, the untimely death of his wife, Dr. MaLinda Sapp in 2010, Sapp has been part of second marriage rumors. Is he married now?

Family: Did Marvin Sapp Remarry?

Marvin Sapp expressed interest in getting remarried in a 2017 interview.

The Rolling Out at the time posed him with several intriguing queries. They talked about his faith, family, and plans.

When the interviewer questioned him about his second marriage, Sapp said: ' Absolutely. I am at the right place now where I am ready to consider moving ahead. My children are grown. All of them are in college and that was really my focus and my goal was to raise my children and give them all of my focus.'

Marvin Sapp is ready to consider moving forward.
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Over the past ten years, Sapp claimed to have dated a number of women, but due to his obligations, he wasn't prepared to settle down.

The Pastor said: 'They needed their father and they needed their Dad’s undivided attention. So I made a decision to make that sacrifice to be their everything.'

'I knew that if I was there everything that once I got them to a place where they were mature enough to be able to move on with their lives and to succeed in every area, I would have time to be able to find life and find love again.'

The gospel star said that the solitary existence in the globe is particularly towards the end of his interview. He believes he will soon meet the right person.

In 2022, there are also strong rumors that Sapp might be dating "BBW:LA" Star Imani Showalter.

There are rumors of a relationship between Marvin Sapp and Imani Showalter.
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Marvin Sapp Lost His Wife MaLinda Sapp In 2010

Marvin Sapp's wife, MaLinda Sapp died on September 9, 2010, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her death cause is colon cancer.

MaLinda was diagnosed with Stage 4 of the deadly disease in 2009. Initially, she thought she likely had kidney stones which caused her excruciating pain. However, the medical report had shown she had stage four colon cancer.

In 2010, MaLinda was pronounced cancer free, but she passed away aged forty-three.

MaLinda Sapp was a professional counselor and administrative pastor at her husband's church.
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Marvin and MaLinda shared a very close bond. They were co-pastors, and Malinda also served as her husband's music manager.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the pair formed the Lighthouse Full Life Center Church. As of November 17, 2019, Marvin has been appointed senior pastor of The Chosen Vessel in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Marvin Sapp & His Late Wife Have Three Children

Singer Marvin Sapp now raises his kids as a single father. Mikaila and Maddinson are his daughters, while Marvin II Sapp is his son.

As of 2022, Mikaila is 25, Maddinson is 22, and, Marvin II is 20 years old. The family has stood by each other even after the tragic death of their mother. 

Marvin's three grown children, Mikaila, Marvin II, and Madisson.
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Being a single parent is extremely difficult, but Sapp has done it superbly. The superstar did, however, discuss his experiences with single parenthood and the difficulties he has encountered. At present, he is very optimistic about his life.