If you are looking to lose weight, these diets plan can actually help you see results.

Following a certain diet should be done with the purpose of being healthy and fit not just for the sake of weight loss. There are many types of diet that promise weight loss but only the healthier and safer one should be followed. Here is a list of some diet plans (healthiest and natural).

The GM diet plan was initially constructed by General Motors Corporation, to keep their employees healthy and fit. This diet plan is based on the consumption of specific food on regular basis.

Due to its highly effective results, apart from the employee of General Motors, other people are also following this.  

This diet plan helps you to get rid of around 10 -17 pounds of body weight. While on this diet you are not allowed to consume alcohol and should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. Not only you will witness weight loss but your body will also be free from toxins after the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables mentioned in this diet.