Does Greg Biffle Own A Rock Quarry? Net Worth 2022 and Career Earnings

Greg Biffle ( Source : Racedayct )

An American semi-retired professional driver Greg Biffle has multiple earning sources, and owning a rock quarry is one of them. 

Greg Biffle is a well-famed stock car racing driver who serves the NASCAR Cup Series as a part-timer. He first took a step into his racing career from 1995 to 1996, when he nationally gained attention from the TV program Winter Heat Series. No wonder, with decades of being active in his racing career, he might have made plenty. 

His followers, who have followed him and looked towards his lavish lifestyle, are keenly excited to learn about his wealth. And over the years, as a professional driver, he has only but added up to his fortune. Although his success kept rising in his driving career, he again caught the public eye in 2019 after 2001 with his Truck victory. 

At the time, he started in the sith and wore the series, putting aside the professional driver Matt Crafton and winning the money. Moreover, with the hype of the NASCAR Cup Series 2022 and his return to the series, the racing fanatics couldn't be more than thrilled to watch him and learn about his luxurious lifestyle.

Moreover, with all the hype, many questions have arisen among his fan followers about his earnings and income. He has earned several awards that add, to his charm in the racing field, like "NASCAR Busch Series Rookie of the Year in 2001" and  "NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Rookie of the Year in 1998." 

Followed by "NASCAR Busch Series Most Popular Driver in 2002" and the 2000 awards of "NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Most Popular Driver." He has been in 515 races, with 19 wins, 13 poles, and reaching the top tens in 175 within the past 16 years, only in NASCAR Cup Series. 

Birth date 23 December 1996 (52 years)
HometownVancouver, Washington
ProfessionRacing Driver, Real Estates Investor, Rock Quarry Owner
Net Worth Approx. $50 million

Does Greg Biffle Own A Rock Quarry? 

Greg Biffle is an accomplished racing driver with a successful career. However, it is not the only thing he earns from, having multiple income sources together with a rock quarry. 

Biffle owns a rock quarry named Triple B Stone, located in Speedwell, Virginia, outside the Jefferson National Forest. The site's beauty increases with the natural river rock on the east coast. It all started in 2007 when he required a stone for a landscaping project at his home. His contractor at the time recommended the river rock mine located in Virginia. 

After two years, in 2009, Greg wanted another project with the same river rock concept and inquired about it, only to find that it had shut down. He had an entrepreneurial intellect from a very young and soon became an accomplished person in the field too. He jumped into investing in the mine after giving out some thoughts and asking Jeff, his brother, to move into the place, trying for renovation. 

He then took a step for the rock quarry business by hiring local employees who lost their employment after the shutting down of the rock mine. He put in his effort while also purchasing efficient and environment-friendly equipment for starting his business. To make what Triple B Stone is now, his brother also gave him a helping hand with the change and opportunity in the mining field. 

He had expressed his feelings towards the Triple B Stone, opening up that the rock mining business seemed the right move for him when the opportunities struck him. Also, the product has its demand in the market, and Biffle could mine the needed stone more efficiently and responsibly. 

His business is now known as one of the best productive mines in Speedwell, Va, which enhance the local economy. The types of stone available in Triple B Stone are Mountain Rust River Rock(benefits- a drainage problem) and Virginia Brown River Rock (benefits- used in the landscaping project).  

Greg Biffle
Greg Biffle ( Source : beyondtheflag )

In early 2022, he said, "I do have a real job. I have a stone quarry." His mining business has been active for over a decade and now has the potential to provide the river rock while reviving the local economy. 

He talked about his journey to establishing the mining business while excitingly expressing, "It was ironic how things happened. I mentioned to the guy I had done some excavating and dozer work on the property and that I needed some more river rock, and he said the ming that the rock came from was just sitting there idle with a current permit." 

"I realized very quickly that river rock is very expensive- I was paying $1,800 per dump truck for the material- and the entrepreneur that I am, I thought, 'I thought, I'll just fo take a trip up there to look at the mine.' And that's how naive I was."

"Nobody wants to lose. Nobody wants to be defeated. Once I had my mind set on it, I decided I was going to make this process work. I wasn't going to throw in the towel. And that probably hurt me a little bit- how stubborn I am. But today, it's helped me create new ventures."

"We are very busy producing material and our sales are strong right now. Things are running really, really smoothly."

Greg Biffle Net Worth In 2022 

Greg Biffle estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately $50 million. He is a semi-retired professional stock car racing driver and an entrepreneur with multiple businesses. To date, he has already made millions in his wealth, having money for his lifestyle. 

On top of that, Biffle is one of the founders of the Sand Outlaws Series, which conducts races in sandy places. The six races scheduled in 2022; are to occur at "Glamis Dunes, California; Sand Mountain, Utah; St. Anthony Dunes, Idaho; and the Oregon Dunes in Winchester Bay, Oregon."

He also owns Triple B Ranch Estate in the South Mountains of North California with 1,383 acres. Besides racing, Greg is also known for investing in real estate, contributing to his wealth. In early 2022, he made the news of putting his waterfront Florida home for roughly $3.1 million. He purchased the property for $1,339,700 in 2020 and is prepared to sell the house with a hefty profit. 

As per, he also bought a $380,000 house in 2016 and sold it for $750,000 in 2018, gaining a profit of over $300,000. His booming real estate investments have been adding up to his fortune. However, at one time, he was sued for $100,000 by his ex-wife for stalking. 

Greg Biffle Career Earnings As Racing Driver

With around 16 years of activeness, Greg Biffle has a career earning of roughly $75,607,550 from his racing career in the NASCAR Cup Series. He was continuously active in the racing series from 2002 to 2016; however, after years of gap, he returned in 2022 as a semi-retired racer. 

In 2002 racing, he managed to make more than $394,000, getting ranked 48. In the following years, he started earning million, with a raise in his income. He made the highest in the 2005 series, with the amount of around $8,354,052. 

Likewise, he made around $10,341,413 from being active in the NASCAR XFINITY series for 12 years. His first earning in 1996 was about 12,345; meanwhile, as time flew by, his income reached a peak of roughly $1,623,546 in 2001. He was active in the series from 1996 to 2010. 

Also, from being active for seven years in Camping World Truck Series, he earned around $2,253,769. His highest earning was in 2000, roughly about $1,002,510. He was involved in the series from 1998 to 2020. 

Likewise, he also earned more than $3,000 from NASCAR K&N Pro series west in 1996. To add up, Biffle also earned about $6,435 with eight years of involvement in the NASCAR NORTHWEST series and around $80,000 from IROC in 2003. 

Greg Biffle
Greg Biffle ( Source : motorsport )

Greg Biffle Other Earnings 

Greg Biffle has mainly earned wealth from his racing career and real estate. Regardless, he also makes fortunes from different ventures that picked his interest. Also, besides racing, he loves boating and fishing. 

Biffle bought his first boat when he was only 16 years of age. He then also bought Westport 130 of 112-foot long not too long ago. However, as an outdoors guy, boating has been his enjoyment. Besides being a professional racer, Greg also makes his from his rock mine business and the racing series' one founders.

No surprise he has made millions of profit only from his real estate business, and over the years, his earnings only seem to be rising.

Greg Biffle
Greg Biffle ( Source : espn )

Who Is Greg Biffle Wife?

Greg Biffle was married to his former wife, Nicole Lunders. The couple tied a knot with each other in 2007 and were together for around 15 years before separating in 2016. 

Nicole was born on 27 March 1976 in Colorado Springs, Colorado; however, she got raised in Chehalis, Washington, and pursued her career at Western Washington University and Washington State University. In the following years, she became an elementary school teacher and started working for different charities. 

Greg and Nicole dated for eight years before taking a new step in their relationship. Although many have known her as the ex-spouse of the racing driver, she is also well known for being The Gregg Biffle Foundation founder. It is a charity working for animals, and she has worked for the North Shore Animal League as its board member. 

Their divorce was unexpected for their followers, who admired the couple. However, after some time, Nicole sued Gregg for invading her privacy. 

Gregg Biffle with his Ex-wife Nicole
Gregg Biffle with his Ex-wife Nicole ( Source : bleacherreport )

They have both now moved on with their life. In late 2021, Biffle engaged his girlfriend, Cristina Grossu, when the couple was on a trip to The Bahamas. They have shared their romantic moment on the social media page, where he bent his knee in the ocean with one hand and proposed to his fiance. 

Cristina is a real estate agent and works as a realtor in the realty one group. She is also a social media personality with over 11k followers on Instagram. 

Gregg Biffle with his fiance Cristina Grossu
Gregg Biffle with his fiance Cristina Grossu ( Source : instagram )

Greg Biffle Adores His Children- His Family Life In Nutshell 

Greg Biffle and his ex-wife welcomed a daughter named Emma Elizabeth on 6 July 2011. At present day, she has reached 11 years of age and might be pursuing her schooling.

As per Wikipedia, Greg is also a father to his second child Ryder Jack, who was born on 9 September 2020 to his fiancee Cristina. Their kid will soon be two years of age on upcoming birthday.

Gregg Biffle with his fiance Cristina Grossu, and children
Gregg Biffle with his fiance Cristina Grossu, and children ( Source : instagram )

The happy family lives together in their residence, sharing a lavish and comfortable life. Before having his own fam, Gregg was born to his parents, Garland Jack Biffle II and Sally Frye. He grew up with his brother Jeffrey, sharing a close bond.