Where Is Donnie Long Boxer Now? Jailed Age 18, He Once Challenged Mike Tyson

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Is Donnie Long Available On Wikipedia? Learn about the night opposed Tyson faced in his career.

Donnie Long was Mike Tyson's tenth professional opponent.

After his battle with Tyson, his career suffered, but everything went well for him in the grand scheme of things.

Where Is Donnie Long Boxer Now? Wikipedia Explored

Donnie Long is not available on Wikipedia yet.

The boxer career fell after his famous fight with Iron Mike Tyson. He fought seven more bouts after losing to Tyson, winning only once.

He has since retired with a 16-10 record. Long had a second career selling drugs at the time.

In 1988, he was charged with five counts of narcotics trafficking and went on the run for five years.

He hid in Alabama for a while before deciding to take charge of his life and turn himself into authorities.

He was an associate minister at Mount Lebanon Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio, in 2005.

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Was Donnie Long Jailed For Murder At Age 18?

Long was 18 years old when he killed Jeffrie Boyd in a dispute in an Akron pool hall in 1975.

He claimed self-defense, claiming that he was trapped and was just attempting to fire a warning shot when the bullet struck Boyd.

Long was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, but he was released in 1981 by a higher court on the grounds that his trial was illegal. That year, he began his professional boxing career.

Unfortunately, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals overruled the verdict and ordered Long back to prison in 1984.

He was freed in 1985. Long won his next two bouts and received a $5,000 invitation to fight Tyson in Atlantic City in November 1985.

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Who Is Donnie Long Wife?

Long married Jeffrie Boyd's sister when he was on parole for murdering her brother.

Donnie and Margaret Long never dated and were never married. They were downtown one day when they walked into the courtroom, where they were married by a judge who had no knowledge he was an accessory to a parole violation.

They held off on announcing it for a few weeks since they didn't want anyone to have a heart attack."

Long was only 18 years old when he murdered Jeffrie Boyd in an Akron pool hall in 1975.