What Illness Does Dr Ed Hindson Have? Staph Infection And Health Update

Dr. Ed Hindson Current Host Of A Syndicated Television Broadcast, The King Is Coming ( Source : Liberty )

Dr. Ed Hindson, the Dean Emeritus of the School of Divinity, almost died in 2008 as he was severely ill because of Staph Infection.

He also serves as the presenter of the syndicated television program The King Is Coming, broadcast throughout the country. The show is broadcasted on TBN, DayStar, and other Christian television networks.

What Illness Does Dr. Ed Hindson Have?

Dr. Hindson is a very religious man who thanks Jesus for saving his life in 2008 when he almost died because of a Staph Infection. He was in a better health condition after that for 14 more years.

However, he was admitted to a hospital following a cardiac arrest. He is in a very critical condition, as cited by the Twitter page of his tv show, The King Is Coming. His fans and followers are praying for the betterment of his health.

Dr. Ed Hindson's Staph Infection And Health Update

It all started when medical testing indicated that Hindson had significant blockages in five of his main heart arteries in 2008. He required open-heart surgery, and at first, everything seemed to go smoothly.

Dr. Ed Hindson Nearly Died Because Of Staph Infection In 2008
Dr. Ed Hindson Nearly Died Because Of Staph Infection In 2008 ( Source : Liberty )

The next day, he was up and about, joking and walking, but by the end of the second day, a lung had collapsed, and he was back in bed gasping for air. Doctors discovered that Hindson had a staph infection at the location of the incision a few days later, and the illness quickly spread.

As a result, every organ in his body shut down, except his brain and heart. He received kidney dialysis virtually every day in March, and his physicians later informed Hindson that he had nearly passed away.

Is Dr. Ed Hindson Still Sick?

Dr. Hidson suffered a cardiac arrest on Wednesday and was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment. He is believed to be in a very critical health condition. Some people even believe that his health could be better only with the help of magic as his medical condition is worse.

He has doctorates from Westminster Theological Seminary, the University of South Africa, and Trinity Graduate School. He has written nearly 40 books, including the "Knowing Jesus Study Bible," which won a Gold Medallion Award, on topics ranging from Puritan religion to ancient eschatology and Philistine archaeology.

Dr. Hindson's Wife And Family

Dr. Hindson is married to his wife, Dona Hindson. They live together in their home in Forest, Virginia. He is reported to have three children and six grandchildren. Dr. Hindson is one of the most talented personalities in the USA.

Dr. Hindson has delivered lectures at Harvard Divinity School, Trinity, Dallas, Denver, and Westminster Evangelical Seminaries, as well as Baliol College, now called Oxford University. He has spent almost 35 years as a professor at Liberty.