Who Is Dr Renee Hoenderkamp? What To Know About The BBC Radio Star

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp is a qualified doctor working in the NHS alongside her clinic. ( Source : Youtube )

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp is an accomplished medical practitioner aged in her 50s. She is a GP with more than two decades of experience.

The doctor is also an expert in TV and Radio and has appeared in multiple programs. She is the resident GP for BBC Radio London. 

Hoenderkamp also serves as the medical director of the Non-Surgical Clinic, which she founded ten years ago. She offers services in the area of skin conditions, with a focus on acne and stigma.

Dr. Renne Hoenderkamp's specialties include acute medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, and gynecology. She formerly served as a committee member on the NICE Thyroid Disease Guideline Committee. Please get to know some more details about her below.

NameRenee Hoenderkamp
HusbandStan Myerson (2000-2006)
Net Worth$1 million - $5 million

BBC Radio Star: Who Is Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp?

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp has a multifaceted personality profile. She is momentarily absent from the Wikipedia website but has already achieved massive success in the medical industry.

Alongside Joanne Good, she has been a regular presenter for BBC Radio London as the resident General Practitioner. She has numerous authored articles for medical publications, including Clinical Medicine.

Education & Certification

According to her LinkedIn, Hoenderkamp graduated in the year 2003. She has a first-class grade with BSc in Health Study from the Open University. Eventually, she joined the Barts and The London Medical School to earn her Bachelor of Medicine degree.

Between 2012 to 2015, Hoenderkamp studied Adult Health and Reproductive Healthcare. After this, she joined the Royal College of General Practitioners for her MRCGP.

Dr Renne specializes on varities of medical field.
Dr Renne specializes on varities of medical field. ( Source : marvellousmidlife )

Jobs & Employment

Her first job placement was at the Royal London Hospital. She joined Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in 2014 for a brief tenure and then joined Abbey Medical Centre as a GP Registrar.

Despite all her new experiences, she was always a loyal employee with Express Newspapers plc, where she worked for more than twenty years. At present, Hoenderkam serves as the GP at Roodlane Medical. She is also the surgeon at The Non-Surgical Clinic and has found herself as a self-employed Portfolio GP for the last six years.

Dr. Renne appearing on CBN as an expert.
Dr. Renne appearing on CBN as an expert. ( Source : twitter )

In 2012, Renee Hoenderkamp used her discussion of nonsurgical cosmetic items to create a prototype for a Channel 4 makeover show. When she appeared on the Mail Plus Daily Corona (COVID-19) podcast in April 2020, she talked about the Corona virus's undetected victims.

Renee Hoenderkamp Knows Natural Way To Look Ageless

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp is in her late fifties in 2022. This is our assumption based on her most current images and professional background. Nevertheless, she still looks very young and vibrant because of her knowledge about natural, safe and beautiful solutions for looking ageless.

Hoenderkamp founded the Nonsurgical clinic to achieve mild facial renewal without giving off the impression that she is "done."

Regardless of the patient's age, she performs this throughout her work. Many of her patients come to her in their 60s and have never had the job done but quickly become patients for life. She has developed a specialty for acne scar treatment and nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Dr. Renne's special interest is in aesthetics and women's health.
Dr. Renne's special interest is in aesthetics and women's health. ( Source : aestheticsjournal )

Hoenderkamp has around 25 years of experience as a medical worker specializing in multiple health sectors. However, it took more than twenty-five years for her to complete her education as a doctor, which says that the doctor now in 2022 must be in her late fifties.

The GP was born and raised in East London. She is British and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity race.

Renee Hoenderkamp Was Married

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp first wedded her former husband, Stan Myerson. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in the year 2000.

After six years of marriage, they amicably decided to part and officially announced their divorce in 2006.

Renne was married once in her life.
Renne was married once in her life. ( Source : independent )

It is unknown whether Hoenderkamp's husband was involved in the medical field. However, there are speculations that the two might have ended up other while both were studying at the Open University in London. Dr. Renne Hoenderkamp and her husband Stan Myerson do share a daughter. 

Before her marriage, Renee Hoenderkamp dated her partner at the time, Michael Nicholas MBE. She shares a 32-year-old son from her union with the current President of Wales Rugby League. 

Renne Hoenderkamp's Net Worth & Career Earning 

Since Dr. Renne Hoenderkamp has never discussed her net worth, possessions, or investments in the media, the precise amount of her income has not yet been made public. Nevertheless, an experienced GP like her can earn up to £76,338, as per Indeed.com.

According to our information, Renne Hoenderkamp has remarkable works in various sectors that must have contributed to her net worth in the millions. For example, she started a medical blog after winning a writing contest in Pulse magazine in 2016. In addition, she has been a keen contributor to TV and radio, where she might earn more than £50,000.

 Dr Renee Hoenderkamp talking about vaccine during the pandemic.
Dr Renee Hoenderkamp talking about vaccine during the pandemic. ( Source : dailymail )

Her Rise In TV & Media

Hoenderkamp initially appeared on the JoAnne Good afternoon show in 2016 to conduct a listeners-only GP surgery. She was later named resident general practitioner for BBC Radio London, hosting two regular episodes with guests like Tanya Burr.

Renne presented and provided narration for a remarkable BBC Inside Out documentary on menopause in 2019 that highlighted the risks for patients. The Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 and Drive Time on BBC Radio London were two of the discussion shows where she later made an appearance to discuss the documentary. 

In 2019, she also presented at The Royal Society Of Medicine as a part of the UCL expert panel on breast cancer: The Doctor's Dilemma. A year later, she appeared as a guest presenter on The British Thyroid Foundation patient day, "Management of hypothyroidism in primary care."

Vlogging & Writing Career

She is also the resident GP for OK! Magazine and New Magazine, regularly writing health columns and commenting on recent health stories. Her other sources of income are Vlogging and earnings from her Aesthetic Clinic.

She contributed to Aesthetics Magazine and Two magazines with several articles about cosmetic procedures. TH GP also aspires to integrate her interest in nutrition and health into her practice of medicine.

Regarding the safety of treatments performed at cosmetic clinics, she contributed to an article in The Guardian in 2018.

Dr.Renne has around 6.6 thousand followers on her Youtube channel. Her videos are mostly related to women's health and fitness.

Renne Hoenderkamp Provides Free Advice On Instagram

Hoenderkamp regularly posts health materials and advice on her social media handle. She is available on both Instagram and Twitter.

She shares her content on the handle @nonsurgicalclinic, which has total followers of 1,055 followers. The IG handle her mostly post about beauty, cosmetic, and personal care. Moreover, the doctors share much life-changing advice about safe and natural nonsurgical aesthetics. 

Besides Instagram, she actively shares her Twitter views on her handle, @DrHoenderkamp. She has a total of 85.6 thousand followers on the platform.