Ebony Rainford Brent

Ebony Rainford Brent

The first black woman to play for England’s Cricket team, Ebony Rainford Brent is a retired athlete.

Rainford’s name started becoming music to the ears of English cricket fans after winning ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2009.

Moreover, she was also part of the national team that secured the ICC Women’s World T20.

After her fruitful career as an athlete, she has been a pundit for test matches. In fact, her career-long experience is of great use for cricket analysis in BBC and other media sources.

The former captain of Surrey Women’s team, Ebony Rainford Brent has made a strong fanbase.

So,  it’s normal to be eager about her personal life facts. Continue to surf into the details.

Is Ebony Rainford Brent married?- About her Husband

It’s obvious for a celebrity on the rise to keep their personal life behind the bushes. However, for a retired athlete like Ebony, it’s quite unfair.

Fair or not, she has managed to keep her personal life in check as of now. For that matter, Ebony Rainford is yet to reveal if she is married. Let alone the details of Brent’s husband.

At 36, she might be already hitched but is trying to keep the details out of the spotlight. As some sources claim, she has a lovely romantic life.

Although, to public eyes, she is still single.

Ebony Rainford Brent Wikipedia Bio paints her as Cricketer, Media person, and Executive

Mostly, a retired athlete somehow gets a connection with professional sports. We have seen cases when players turn coaches, staff, executives, commentators, and so on.

Similarly, Brent is an instance of the situation. That’s because already in Wikipedia, Ebony Rainford Brent is a former cricketer turned media person and cricket executive.

Born in the new year’s eve of 1983, Ebony is 36 years old by the end of 2019. A native of Lambeth, London, she has had a struggling childhood.

As a first black woman to step into the field as an English cricketer, she might have relived all those childhood memories.

The only daughter of Janet Rainford, she had 3 elder brothers. The eldest one, Jay (Keith Headley) was brutally murdered in 1989.

Likewise, one of the two others even spent time in jail. Further details are unknown for now.

With the inspiration, she managed to add the ODI World cup, Ashes, T20 World cup trophy on her list.

Ebony Rainford Brent incident of Falling Over bag on the boundary

Back in 2018, the headlines covered some funny moments in cricket. Obviously, every headline should not have missed the Surrey Boss Ebony falling over the bag on the boundary.

According to BBC, she was about to return a ball hit for six in the Women’s super league. However, she tripped and fell over the bag. Sounds funny but the video was more humorous.

Ebony wrote about Sareena Williams on Telegraph

Herself being one of the black sportswomen, she often likes giving arguments about the struggles and racism in sports.

For that matter, Ebony Rainford Brent wrote on Telegraph about the ‘US Open Fury’ and Sareena Williams.

Back in 2019, a Tennis player, Sareena shared some heated arguments with umpire Carlos Ramos. Ebony talks about the situation being familiar to black sportswomen around the world.

Rumors of Ebony as ‘Dancing On Ice’ 2018 cast

The rumors were fueling back in 2018 that Ebony will star at the reality show ‘Dancing On Ice’. However, the confirmed lineups didn’t include her name.

She was the frontrunner to cast in the show. Nevertheless, the reasons for Ebony’s falling out is yet to come in light.