Untold Truth On Eddie Fernandez Death Story With His Wife Biography

Eddie Fernandez was murdered.

It is believed that Eddie Fernandez fired shots at the car in which Pangilinan was traveling in 1969.

One of the people riding in the vehicle was Bomba actress Rosanna Ortiz. Pangilinan passed away, and Fernandez and the actress Berting Labra believed to have helped him, were sentenced to thirteen years in prison.

Fernandez was released from prison in 1982 and attempted to make a return. However, it is believed that he became involved in drug use around this time.

He was killed during a gunfight with agents from the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police.

Untold Truth On Eddie Fernandez's Death Story 

A young businessman was slain, and two others were critically injured in a shootout on A. Bonifacio St., Quezon City.

Renato Pangilinan, 28, of 1477 Recto Ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila, was killed. He was struck in the left chest and died shortly after arriving at the Chinese General Hospital. Eddie Fernandez, 30, and Apolinario Lopez, 36, 1518 Narra St., Tondo, Manila, were injured.

Fernandez, a famous action hero, was struck twice in the torso. One bullet struck him in the upper left breast and left hip. He was initially brought to Quezon City's National Orthopedic Hospital. Afterward, Eddie was transported to V. Luna General Hospital. Lopez was brought to the Chinese General Hospital after being shot twice in the upper chest. He was placed under surveillance.

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Eddie Fernandez Murder Timeline

According to the preliminary police investigation, Fernandez and four other people challenged Pangilinan and his three friends soon before the shooting, claiming that the latter's pistols were not licensed.

Pangilinan's gang, including Lopez, Hilario Sigua, and Rosanna Ortiz, responded that their firearms were licensed. They said they would be happy to travel to the police station to validate their guns.

Fernandez's gang, which comprised Berting Labra, Tony Baguio, Barcelona, and an unnamed male, headed to Quezon City Precinct 1. They went to see if Pangilinan, Lopez, and Sigua's firearms were licensed. The weapons were a 9 mm Browning auto pistol. The police confirmed that licenses and permits covered the 45 caliber handgun revolver.

The police permitted Pangilinan and his crew to depart with their firearms while traveling in a Mercury Cougar. On their journey to Manila, they picked up A. Bonifacio. Sigua said they realized they were being followed by two red and blue jeeps in which Fernandez and his company rode.

According to Sigua, Pangilinan instructed the driver to accelerate to avoid being overtaken by the Fernandez group. However, there was a traffic bottleneck along the Manila-Quezon City border near the La Loma cemetery. They were compelled to come to a halt.

They realized that Fernandez and his men had already encircled them with drawn rifles. They instructed them not to draw their weapons or they would be murdered. According to Sigua, Fernandez was equipped with a pistolized carbine and his buddies with pistols. Miss Ortiz pleaded for their lives to be spared.

Without further ado, Fernandez and his associates have opened fire on Pangilinan and his colleagues. Pangilinan and Lopez yelled that they were hit after the barrage of gunfire. At this point, Fernandez and his crew retreated to Quezon City in their jeeps. According to Sigua, the victims were taken to the adjacent Chinese General Hospital.

Dr. B.A. Manlapig of the National Orthopedic Hospital assessed Fernandez's condition as fair. Fernandez refused to offer his account to the reporter on the advice of his lawyer, Martin D. Pantaleon.

Who Was Eddie Fernandez Married To? Wife

Eddie Fernandez was married to Dulce Lukban.

Pops Fernandez is the daughter of Eddie Fernandez.
Pops Fernandez is the daughter of Eddie Fernandez.( Source : Gmanetwork )

Pops Fernandez is the name of the couple's daughter. A YouTube video that pops up discusses a time with her father stands out as the most meaningful to her. She mentions in the video that the most memorable part of the day was having her father, Eddie, accompany her down the aisle as the most important event in her life.

She also said in the video that fathers will always be special to daughters. 

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