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Eduardo Camavinga Parents Sofia and Celestino Camavinga Were Congolese

 Eduardo Camavinga came from a refugee family
Eduardo Camavinga came from a refugee family( Source : instagram )

Eduardo Camavinga parents Sofia and Celestino reside in a commune in Angola. He has two brothers, and two sisters.

As a football player for one of the top clubs in the world, Camavinga's father once predicted that his son would reach fame and improve their family condition as they were from a middle-class family.

The Camavinga family has settled in Madrid, and he exudes happiness in his training sessions and interactions with supporters. He has enjoyed his first few weeks with the team.

The family has faced challenging circumstances, including being forced to flee the Democratic Republic of the Congo and having their house completely burned down.

As a result of their struggles and the tale of how they overcame them, Eduardo's family has served as an example to many families around the globe.

Eduardo Camavinga Parents: Sofia and Celestino Camavinga

 Eduardo Camavinga parents are Congolese nationals who migrated from Angola to France when he was only two years.

When Eduardo Camavinga's parents initially arrived in France, they settled in Lille before relocating to the community of Fougeres, which is only 40 kilometers from Rennes.

 Eduardo Camavinga with his family after the game
Eduardo Camavinga with his family after the game ( Source : instagram )

In between the lower and middle class, Eduardo Camavinga's family experienced extreme hardship during his formative years and occasionally battled to make ends meet.

When Tacklevinga was 7 years old, his mother enrolled him in Drapeau de Fougères, a nearby club, where he made his professional football debut and began his football career.

One reason for it is the realization of a desire by joining Los Blancos, and another is the presence of his family, who have always been supportive of his endeavors.

5 Family Facts Of Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga after winning champions league with Real Madrid
Eduardo Camavinga after winning champions league with Real Madrid ( Source : instagram )

1. Eduardo Camavinga Parents Are Congolese

Eduardo Camavinga parents Sofia and Celestino are Congolese who fled from Kinshasa to France.

It's interesting that he has citizenship in France, Angola, and Congo due to his family's ties to these nations. Camavinga's veins are filled with Congolese blood, just like Christopher Nkunku's.

The majority of the Camavingas family's possessions were lost in a house fire in 2013; Eduardo claimed that this served as inspiration for him to seek a career in football.

2. Eduardo Camavinga Brother Sebastiao Camavinga Is A Hairdresser

Sebastiao Camavinga is the brother to Eduardo and the oldest Camavinga sibling.

The older brother commutes to his job as a hairdresser in Madrid by using the city's public transit system.

Sebastio finds that taking the bus or the train gives him a better sense of the city and its residents than driving his automobile. The Frenchman desires to get fully immersed in Madrid.

The youngest member of the Real Madrid first-team roster, Eduardo Camavinga, is barely 19 years old, and his brother is his biggest supporter.

Eduardo Camavinga Brother Sebastiaõ is a hair dresser.
Eduardo Camavinga Brother Sebastiaõ is a hair dresser. ( Source : instagram )

3. Eduardo Camavinga Has Four Siblings

Camavinga grew up alongside his siblings two brothers Sebastio, Celio, and two sisters.

To assist the 19-year-old sensation, the entire Camavinga family relocated to Madrid, and his siblings are by far his biggest fan and supporter.

His siblings have their own lives, and separate job paths, support one another and their parents and are now leading happy and fulfilling lives as a result of everyone making a respectable income.

4. Eduardo Was Surrounded By His Family During Presentation

He was accompanied by his parents and four siblings the day he was introduced as a Real Madrid player.

Since he relocated to Spain, they have been his main source of support. They recently moved into a new house close to Camavinga.

PSG fought tooth and nail to sign Eduardo Camavinga, but the 19-year-old has only ever had affection for one team. Eduardo only wanted to go to Spain and only wanted to join Real Madrid, despite the competition in Madrid.

Despite his youth, he has gained Carlo Ancelotti's trust and played a range of midfield positions.

 Eduardo Camavinga family supports his football journey
Eduardo Camavinga family supports his football journey ( Source : instagram )

5. Eduardo Camavinga Plays For France National Team

On November 5th, 2019, Camavinga became a citizen of France. He was chosen to play for France's under-21 team six days later.

After Matteo Guendouzi was called up to the senior team, he was chosen to play against Georgia and Switzerland.

Paul Pogba's suspension for a positive COVID-19 test on August 27, 2020 led to Camavinga being called up to play for France's senior team.

In the process, he became the first player since René Gérard in 1932, who was only 17 years, 9 months, and 17 days old, to be called up to the French senior team.