Is Olympic Athlete Eilish McColgan Sick? Runner Health Related Problems After Recent Games Details

Eilish McColgan

Eilish McColgan has a large following who are curious to learn if she has been ill or injured. Her health details will be thoroughly covered in this article.

The Scottish runner, who won bronze in the indoor 3000 meters in 2017 and silver in the 5000 meters in 2018, has the fastest 10-mile pace in Europe.

She was the only competitor to complete the race in under 10 minutes and the only British competitor to achieve "A" qualifying. Despite earning a spot in the Olympics, McColgan chose not to participate in the 2012 European Athletics Championships in Helsinki, Finland.

Eilish McColgan Suffering From Illness Or Injury

No information is available regarding Eilish McColgan's illness or injury in 2022. However, she was entangled in both disease and health issues in 2014.

After fighting illness for the bulk of 2014, she was finally able to finish my first ever consistent training block towards the end of last year.

She regretted becoming sick after the long travel to South Africa after making a few alterations to my itinerary over the Christmas holiday.

She said, "The immune system is weakened by frequent, intense training, which makes it very simple to catch illnesses. My nemesis seems to be flying, and I struggle mightily to avoid being sick, especially after lengthy flights."


Although it may sound a little over the top, illness does influence an athlete's training plan. For example, a primary cold virus might go after a week, but it can linger in the body until an athlete has another demanding week of training, which can reappear. She dealt with this throughout 2014 and found it to be quite annoying.

She eventually started jogging again after being sick during the first two weeks in Stellenbosch, but not before hurting her ankle.

Usually, a twisted ankle wouldn't be too problematic, and she could continue exercising, but this time was different since the pain didn't go away and worsened every day.

She stated, 'I've had to build my strength and my speed and there have been injuries and illnesses along the way. I was in great shape only a few weeks ago just prior to the Worlds but then picked up an illness in Oslo and had a hamstring niggle.'

Is Eilish McColgan Dating?

Scottish middle and long-distance runner Eilish Mccolgan is dating middle-distance runner Michael Rimmer. The pair are both Olympians competing on behalf of Great Britain.


Eilish participated in the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio were all events in which Michael competed. However, no runner has received an Olympic medal.

About Eilish McColgan Parents

Eilish's mother, Liz McColgan, was a former middle- and long-distance track and road runner for Great Britain. At the World Championships in 1991, she earned gold in the 10,000-meter event; she took home silver at the Olympic Games in 1988.

Similarly, Peter McColgan, Eilish's father, is a former steeplechaser from Northern Ireland.

In addition to holding the marks for the outdoor two and three-kilometer steeplechases, McColgan also retains the indoor 3000-meter record for Northern Ireland in 7:54.48.


Strabane, a town in County Tyrone, is where McColgan was born. He attended Omagh CBS for his studies.

It was recently shared on Instagram along with a message that said, "Great to have my mum back on the stopwatch today!" This suggested that Eilish's parents were the ones who had the most significant impact on her.

Similarly, after winning the Commonwealth game, McColgan told the BBC that it was significant to have her mother present. The athlete's parents have consistently encouraged her professional endeavors. At the Hawkhill Harriers Club in Dundee, her mother is her coach.