What Is The Age Difference Between Ej Laure And Bugoy Carino? Volleyball Player Pregnant And Baby Facts

The athlete Ej Laure and the actor Bugoy Carino are a proud parent. ( Source : Instagram )

Ej Laure and Bugoy Carino are a power couple who made headlines in 2017 for getting rumored to have a baby when they were still young while sharing a huge age gap; Laure was 21, and Carino was only 16 at that time.

Ej is a 24 years old Filipina volleyball player who serves as a member of the UST Golden Tigresses volleyball team. The athlete was the former captain of the volleyball team and a former Philippine national team member.

Likewise, Bugoy is a 19 years old Filipino teen actor who won the Star Circle Kid Quest in 2009 and is famed for her appearance in Goin' Bulilit and many other movies and tv series. Moreover, the teen actor has been nominated in 13 award shows and has won seven of them till now.

Age Gap Between EJ Laure And Bugoy Carino 

The Filipina volleyball player Ej Laure and her Filipino partner Bugoy Carino who serves as a Filipino teen actor and dancer, share an age gap of 50 months; the athlete is almost five years younger than the actor.

Ej is 24 years old, born in 1997 in the Philippines, and makes a toast to celebrate her special day on the 31st of July every year under the astrological sign Leo. Likewise, Bugoy is 19 years old, born in 2002 in General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite, Philippines; he commemorates his birthday on the 3rd of September each passing year.

The picture shared by Laure for Carino's 19th birthday on her Instagram.
The picture shared by Laure for Carino's 19th birthday on her Instagram. ( Source : Instagram )

Moreover, both were teenagers when they fell in love and have been together for more than four years. The power couple has been together since 2017 and is now parents to a 3-year-old daughter. Furthermore, Carino revealed that he fell for the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time but hasn't disclosed their love story to the media yet. Hopefully, the pair will share more about how they ended up with their admirers in the upcoming days.

Volleyball: EJ Laure Pregnant With A New Baby In 2022

Laure hasn't revealed if she is pregnant in 2022; furthermore, she prefers to keep the details of her pregnancy a secret as she denied the rumors of having a baby back in 2018.

The volleyball player does not have a visible baby bump in the recent photos she has shared on her social media, so we presume that she is not holding a new life in her belly; she might have no plans to give life to another beautiful soul yet.

Laure and her partner Carino might be more focused on taking care of their first baby and continue pursuing their goals in other to provide a better life for their daughter. The teen father had to sacrifice his projects, endorsements, and gigs as he became a parent when he was only 16.

Furthermore, the couple even thought of letting go of the little one but couldn't; had he done that, he would have committed the greatest sin in his life. But they never gave up on the baby girl and welcomed them with big smiles and open hearts, promising to raise her into a gorgeous lady in the future. They are living a happily ever after while taking on the challenges together and being each other's biggest strength in their journey.

How Many Kids Does EJ Laure And Bugoy Carino Have?

Ej Laure and Bugoy Carino share a beautiful girl Scarlet Cariño. They welcomed their princess in 2018 after denying the rumors of having a baby the same year; maybe they wanted to avoid the negativity that would ruin the happy moments they witnessed.

Scarlet is three years old, and the little one celebrates her birthday every year on the 2nd of July under the star sign Cancer, symbolized by the crab. Furthermore, she will turn four in a few weeks, and we wish her the happiest birthday in advance. 

Moreover, the young parents have also created a social media account for their child under the handle 

@iamscarletcarino. On Cariño's Instagram account, they share the journey to her growth and all the beautiful photos they have captured, which will become a precious memory in the future; it has already accumulated 6k followers with only 17 posts