What Happened Between Elisha Dicken and Jonathan Douglass Sapirman? Greenwood Indiana Mall Shooter Conspiracy

FBI investigating the Greenwood Park Mal

Elisa Dicken from Greenwood shot the Indiana Mall shooter. His photos are now getting viral on Facebook. 

Another mass shooting incident has shattered the United States this year. A gunman in Indianapolis left three people dead and multiple injured in a mall shooting spree.

Luckily, several lives were saved as Elisa Dicken decided to take quick action. He shot the gunman and took him down before he could lead to more damage. 

Elisha Dicken Greenwood: 22-Year-Old Takes Down Mass Shooter

Elisa Dicken from Greenwood saved multiple lives by shooting the Indianapolis shopping mall shooter.

On July 17, 2022, a 20-year-old man named Jonathan Sapirman began randomly firing in the Greenwood Park Mall. The incident occurred just before the Mall's closing time.

Sapirman left three people lifeless, including a husband and wife, Pedro Pineda and Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda, and another man Victor Gomez. All of the victims were from Indianapolis. 

Dicken, who had visited the Mall with his girlfriend, noticed Sapirman within a few minutes of the shooting and returned fire with his girlfriend's gun. The 22-year-old reportedly killed the shooter by firing ten rounds from 40 yards.


Elisa has now become a national hero with his action. He risked his own life without having any professional training. 

On the other hand, the Greenwood shooting has sent a shockwave in the community. The Mall remained closed on Monday. 

Photos of Indiana Mall Shooter On Facebook

The shooting incident has taken the internet by storm. Netizens have also shared photos of the Indiana Mall shooter on Facebook. 


Around 4:54 pm on Sunday, Sapirman entered the Mall's restroom near the food court. He stayed in the bathroom for an hour before he started shooting in the food court. The young man reportedly shot 24 rounds of fire within two minutes.

According to the police, Sapirman was carrying two rifles, a handgun, and over 100 rounds of ammunition. He even took pictures with the weapons. 

The officials are still investigating the motive behind the shooting. Sapirman's relatives told the authorities that he had recently received an eviction notice from his tenants. Likewise, he had also resigned from his job in May. 

Moreover, investigators also found minor offenses as juveniles on the shooter's record. Nonetheless, these charges were no major legal issues. 

Elisha Dicken on Wikipedia - Get to Know the Hero

Despite being labeled a hero, Elisa Dicken remains disturbed by the shooting. Greenwood Sherif stated on Dicken's behalf, "requesting you give him time to process and grieve before reaching out to him."

So, Elisa Dicken's ethnicity, religion, and other personal information are under review. 

Nonetheless, Dicken's anonymity has not stopped him from receiving praises. In fact, he engaged with the gunman with no military or police background.

Meanwhile, the internet is again on the debate on the issue of gun possession law. While some claim guns saved lives, others backfired by stating that guns were the first reason three lives were lost.

Three hours later, another shooting occurred in Don Challis Park, an Indianapolis suburb. The incident left three people injured and killed one person.

We send our thoughts and prayers to every affected family. Thank you.