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Ecuador Captain Enner Valencia Wife Sharon Escobar And Their 12 Years Of Married Life

Enner Valencia celebrating after scoring goal with his national side.
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The Ecuadorian football star Enner Valencia is married to his wife, Sharon Escobar. The couple is blessed with three daughters and a son.

Valencia is the captain of Ecuador's national football team. He plays professional football as a forward for the Turkish club Fenerbahce.

The Ecuadorian star has a total of 70 caps for his national side. He is also the top scorer in the country, with a total of 35 games since 2012.

The forward previously represented FC Emelec in Ecuador, where he captured the 2013 Ecuadorian Serie A and the Golden Boot at the Copa Sudamericana. He played for the Pachuca in Mexico, where he won the 2014 Clausura tournament and the Liga MX Golden Boot.

In July 2014, Valencia was paid an estimated £12 million to join West Ham United. Instead, he signed with the Turkish club Fenerbahce in 2020.

Valencia will once again captain the Ecuador national side. He will start in the Fifa World Cup 2022 opening game on November 20, 2022.

Ecuador needed a memorable draw against Brazil and other illustrious victories to go to Qatar. Valencia, Ecuador's all-time leading scorer, hopes to establish himself further at the competition. But, before that, get to know about his wife and children.

Who Is Sharon Escobar? Meet Enner Valencia's Wife

Sharon Escobar is the beautiful spouse of Enner Valencia. She is a model and influencer by profession.

Anyone will be attracted to Sharon's beautiful look, but it is not only her look that drew Valencia's attention.

After a rough separation from his former partner, Valencia finally found true love in 2016 when he met Sharon. Back then, the forward was still playing in the Premier League; he served his loan spell at Everton.

Enner Valencia with his wife, Sharon Escobar.
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The same year, Sharon posted a photo of her husband posing in an entire face cast, which grabbed the attention of netizens.

After marrying Sharon, Valencia's football career peaked, and his family life flourished. Then, finally, he got a partner who understood his ambition and supported him in moving to Turkey to start a new professional career in football.

The beautiful wife of Valencia is available on the Instagram platform. Her handle name is @sharon27_7, and she has 52.1 thousand followers on the forum. Although, the profile has been kept in private terms.

Valencia and his wife during the celebrating the Happy Valentine’s Day.
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On November 10, 2022, Enner posted the last photo of him with his wife before he trained for the World Cup. In the picture, he was seen holding the flags of Ecuador and Turkey. The couple was dressed formally, and Sharon was seen dressed beautifully in a purple dress.

In recent days, Sharon Escobar has also turned herself into a philanthropist. She, along with her husband, has helped the rural community of Ecuador. Some years ago, they were spotted dressed for a Chocolate Day celebration.

Sharon Escobar Is The Second Wife Of Enner Valencia 

Enner Valencia and his wife, Sharon Escobar, have a fascinating love story.

Escobar is the second wife of Valencia. Before her, the striker was married to Cynthia Pinargote and is also fathering a young daughter. 

In 2016, Valencia's divorce caused big headlines in Ecuador. The then-Everton striker was pursued because of a disagreement over alimony payments to Sinthyia Pinargote.

A warrant for his arrest was issued in Ecuador in October, stating unpaid child support. In August 2020, an armed gang kept Valencia's sister Eric captive in San Lorenzo for 10 days before releasing her unharmed.

Enner Valencia met Sharon Escobar in the year 2016. The same year, football star had finalized his divorce.
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 Valencia stated that the issue was far from settled. He claimed that Pinargote was pursuing several legal actions against him "that are intended for her profit," including a demand for alimony payments at a set value of $30,000 per month for child support.

The player said, "a total of almost $100,000 was made in alimony payments in the last two years, which can be verified on the judiciary's website." Furthermore, Pinargote denies him permission to visit and see his daughter whenever he travels to Ecuador.

In addition, Valencia asserted that the $4,820 monthly payments he made "were destined for the personal expenditure" of his ex-wife. He claimed that she had ostensibly acknowledged during the court proceeding and that the payments had been suspended "after it was proven that the child was the victim of physical and psychological abuse" by Pinargote.

Nevertheless, the divorce did not end well for the Ecuadorian football star. But Valencia eventually met his current wife, Sharon Escobar.

Enner Valencia Has Four Children With His Wife

Enner Valencia and Sharon Escobar share four children. Their kids are three daughters, Beira, Amelia, Annalia, and a son, David.

At present, his older daughter, Beira, is 11 years old. She is in high school and has been learning new things every day. Also, she loves to see her father play football for the national side. 

The middle daughter, Amelia, turned eight years. She understands a lot about football and appears during her dad's matches. At the same time, Annalia and David are 6 and 3, respectively. Therefore, they are still very young to understand their dad's profession.

Enner frequently posts pictures of his loved ones and kids to his Instagram account. As an illustration, consider the day of November 20, when Sharon's birthday fell, and the player uploaded an image and text. "We commemorate the house queen's birthday. He wrote, "We love you heart.

Enner Valencia's kids Beira, Amelia, Annalia, and a son, David, and his wife, Sharon Escobar.
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Other pictures of Valencia's spouse and he include ones celebrating anniversaries and typical Christmas and New Year's Eve.

In the most recent pictures, all the family members had celebrated the birthday of Valencia's son, David, who turned three years old that year. The happy dad had written: "Happy 3 wonderful years, my love. We love you so much babi."

Enner currently has a contract with Fenerbahçe SK. Hence the family is currently residing in Istanbul, Turkey. 

To know more about Enner Valencia's family details, we can look at his Instagram handle @ennervalencia1. The Ecuador football star has a total of 871 thousand followers. 

Details On Enner Valencia Family Members

Enner Valencia was born in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, on November 4, 1989. The 5 foot 10-inch tall striker has a mixed origin. He is the son of Bolivia Lastra and Remberto Valencia. The forward also has two sisters, Erci Valencia Lastra and Ericka Valencia.

Enner Valencia is unrelated to former Manchester United winger Antonio or Eder Valencia. 

However, Valencia is of Afro-Ecuadorian heritage and is from the province of Esmeraldas. Coming from a low-income family, he was forced to reside in basic accommodations at the club's Estadio George Capwell when he first joined Emelec.

Even though his mother's last name is Bolivia, she is not from the South American nation. Instead, Bolivia Lastra is an Ecuadorian native of African origin, just like her spouse Renberto Valencia Sols.

The Ecuadorian boy grew up helping his father sell cow milk on San Lorenzo's streets. Enner needed more money to pay his rent even after he started playing competitive football. That led him to request the club's assistance in finding a place to lay his head and sleep.

As mentioned in the Daily Mail, Erci was kidnapped in the Ecuadorian city of Quito on August 17, 2022.

A group of men in armor had raided her house and taken her hostage. Fortunately, she was discovered in the jungle near San Lorenzo.

During a press conference, the head of the National Police's confirmed that the alleged ransom demand was for 2 million USD (£1.5 million). They had conducted a ten-day investigation to discover Erci Valencia Lastra. 

After a comprehensive investigation, six alleged kidnappers were identified and all taken into custody. The kidnappers of Enner Valencia's sisters are Edwin C., Dugelio T., Jose C., and Edwin M., three people of Colombian nationality.

The footballer lacked the funds to pay for his lodging elsewhere and frequently struggled to afford food. However, his condition slowly changed as he showcased talent on the football pitch. 

Valencia reportedly earns 1,760,000 Euros manually playing for the Turkish side. Under his contribution, Fenarbache was runner-up in the first-division league and is playing Champions League this season. While in the current season, the club is at the top of the company.

Valencia made his debut for his country in 2012, and he was a prominent figure at the 2014 World Cup.

Valencia made an impression with his lightning-quick footwork and three goals in three group games, but it wasn't enough, as the South American team lost.