Equestrian Amber Marshall Kids With Husband Shawn Turner and Family

Amber Marshall and his husband Shawn Turner doesn't have any kids.
Amber Marshall and his husband Shawn Turner doesn't have any kids.( Source : horseyhooves )

Amber Marshall is yet to have any kids with her husband, Shawn. She has previously expressed her desire to have children but prioritizes her work and business.

Nearly ten years have passed since Amber Marshall and Shawn Turner got hitched. At the first Canadian Screen Awards, the actress, singer, and equestrian won the first Canada's Screen Star Award.

She is well-known for playing Amy Fleming in the enduring television series "Heartland," based on Lauren Brooke's books. The life of a woman who resides and works on her family's horse ranch is the subject of the movie Heartland.

The couple loves animals, so some of them were also part of their special day. Marshall and Turner have always wanted to marry at a place they both loved, their home in High River.

Quick Fact On Amber Marshal

NameAmber Marshal
HusbandShawn Turner
Net Worth$2 million
Character NameAmy

Amber Marshall Kids With Husband Shawn Turner

Currently, Marshall and her husband are childless. But because of the drama series, Marshall has much mothering experience.

Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer's identical twins played Lyndy Born, born to Marshall's Fleming and TY in season 11. Marshall spoke candidly about dealing with children and her desire to become a parent during her interview with The London Free Press in 2017.

 Amber Marshall and his husband are not expecting children.
Amber Marshall and his husband are not expecting children. ( Source : horseyhooves )

Although the babies in some moments are supposed to be upset, the (twin sisters) newborns on the show appear content. The hardest part was keeping her happy face hidden from the camera while she was supposed to be sobbing from teething. 

She went on to say that it took ingenuity and planning to film such situations. The actress is awaiting the ideal time before starting a family.

Despite how much her admirers wanted her to have children, she admitted that she wouldn't be able to have them any time soon due to her busy schedule.

Inside Married Life Of Amber Marshall With Husband Shawn Turner

The wedding of Marshall and Turner in 2013 was an expression of their love and way of life. On their property, next to their pets, the couple wed outside. They managed to amuse all of their family and friends while riding their horses and eating meals.

The wedding also included the presence of Marshall's Heartland cast mates Michelle Morgan and Chris Potter. The couple planned their wedding and did their best to create a sophisticated, genuine, and traditional marriage, which they successfully did.

Amber Marshall and Husband Shawn Turner at their wedding
Amber Marshall and Husband Shawn Turner at their wedding ( Source : cbc )

In an interview with Hello Magazine, Marshall referred to Turner's hand-mailing of the altar as "the greatest part of the ceremony." Despite having a $2 million net worth, the actress was casual about her wedding.

Turner and Marshall met in 2010 at a horse show and soon began dating. They were drawn together by their interests and excitement for the same lifestyle. In 2012, they announced their engagement, and in 2013, they tied the knot in a gorgeous wedding.

Is Amber Marshall Pregnant?

Amber Marshall is not expecting a child and doesn't want any. She prefers to spend time with her hubby before starting a family.

Marshall has worked as a veterinary assistant and has been riding horses since she could walk. She claims that acting and horses are her two greatest loves in life. Marshall, her partner Shawn Turner, and their numerous pets live on a rural ranch not far from Calgary, Alberta.

 Amber Marshall is not expecting children as of now
Amber Marshall is not expecting children as of now ( Source : upcomingseason )

Amber intended to commit financially to her business and her professional future. Although the actress has said she does not feel ready to do so now, she wants to do so soon.

Even though Shawn and his wife Amber live on opposite sides of the nation, they were both born in the same hospital in a little hamlet in Ontario, and perhaps their future child will also.

Amber Marshall Net worth In 2022

Amber Marshall is a well-known Canadian actress with a $2 million fortune. In 2000, the year of the television series Super Rupert, Marshall got his start in the business.

She appeared as a special guest on an episode of Twice in a Lifetime in the year 2001. She had a busy year in 2002 because she also had guest appearances on episodes of Doc and Monk and played the lead role of Lily in the drama.

Amber Marshall has a net worth of $2 million
Amber Marshall has a net worth of $2 million ( Source : upcomingseason )

The Christmas Shoes. Marshall additionally portrayed Elizabeth Smart in the 2003 television movie The Elizabeth Smart Story. She made her acting debut in the big-budget movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse in 2004.

She was a guest star in episodes of Dark Oracle from 2004 and Power Strikers from 2005. Since 2007, Marshall's portrayal of Amy Fleming in Heartland's television series has garnered the most excellent attention. She reprised the same role in the 2010 film "A Heartland Christmas."

Additionally, she appears in the 2014 film Mutant World and the short Travel Plans (2011). Marshall received a Gemini Award in 2013 after being nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2004.

Amber Marshall Biography

Marshall, born on June 2, 1988, is an accomplished actress who, due to playing Amy in the Heartland cast, enjoys megastar status both in Canada and the United States. Her profession does not, however, revolve entirely around acting.

Her parents are David Marshall and Wenda Marshall, her biological parents.

 Amber Marshall is an award wining actress
Amber Marshall is an award wining actress ( Source : horseyhooves )

Most of Marshall's free time is spent with her family. She married photographer Shawn Turner on July 27, 2013. The pair is content with their current lifestyle on a ranch farm in Calgary, Alberta.

They have a large, crowded family that includes horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, chickens, an alpaca, and other creatures.

Amber Marshall on the Biggest Difference Between Her And Her Reel Life Character Amy

Even though Marshall's life can serve as inspiration for the Heartland writers, she believes the main distinction between Amy and herself is that Amy is a fictional character.

Amber Marshall portrays Amy Fleming in the CBC television series Heartland. Marshall has been performing the role since the 2007 television series debut. Although Marshall and Amy have much in common, the actor recently acknowledged that she and the Heartland character have one significant difference.

Amber Marshall in ‘Heartland’
Amber Marshall in ‘Heartland’ ( Source : cheatsheet )

When she is portraying Amy, Marshall enjoys the episodes that feature Amy's friendship with her horse, Spartan.

On the Hallmarkies Podcast, Marshall also said that Amy has a higher affinity for horses than he does. 

Some FAQs

Where is Amber Marshall today?

Marshall lives on a farm ranch outside Calgary, Alberta with her husband Shawn Turner and their animals

Does Amber Marshall have a baby?

Amber Marshall is not pregnant and doesn't have any kids and focusing in her career.

Is Amber Marshall still on Heartland?

Marshall made a special announcement confirming that season 16 of Heartland will happen.