Eric Michael Zee’s wiki

Eric Michael Zee is an Asian-American actor and producer who rose to fame in the 90s due to his acting roles in several TV shows and blockbuster movies that included; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Shanghai 1920 and Independence Day. The movie Independence Day is the one that catapulted him to the heights of stardom as an actor as it also featured Hollywood sensation, Will Smith. Eric Zee was born in the USA in 1966 of Asian-American parents and at the current time, he is 51 years of age. Eric Zee is married to actress Ming-Na Wen. He has been Ming- Na Wen’s husband since 1995 when the two tied the knot.


Quick facts about Eric Michael Zee

Full Name: Eric Michael Zee 

Born: February 5th, 1966

 Age: 51 years 

Birth Place: USA 

Ethnicity: Asian-American 

Nationality: American

 Residence: California, USA

 Profession: Actor, producer 

TV Shows/Movies:  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Shanghai 1920 and Independence Day 

Years Active: 1994-present

 Net Worth: Unknown

 Marital Status: Married 

Spouse: Ming-Na Wen 

Children: Two


Eric Michael Zee’s acting career

As an Asian-American actor, Eric Zee has admitted to the fact that it has not been an easy ride for him in the acting industry as he has had to reckon with the thought of being an actor that is not good enough. This, however, has not been a hindrance to this actor attaining the heights of his career. He started off as a minor role actor on the TV show Dr. Quinn on which he continued acting up until that time that there were auditions for actors on another TV show dubbed Medicine Woman. After moving camps, his personal star as an actor started to shine and in no time at all, he was cast in the movie, Shanghai 1920 in the year 1995. His amazing proficiency as an actor caught the eye of several producers and he eventually got a high profile role in the movie Independence Day in 1996. The movie featured American actor Will Smith. This role was a major boost to Eric Zee’s career as an actor as this was that turning point where the world now started taking note of his rising star. He eventually took a career turn the following year in 1997 and turned from actor to producer which he still does up to now, almost two decades since he started off.


Eric Michael Zee as Ming-Na Wen’s husband

Eric Zee got married to his current wife, American actress Ming-Na Wen 5 months after meeting her in 1995 while on set in California where the couple resides even now. Eric Zee officially became Ming-Na Wen’s husband later in the year 1995 when the two tied the knot in a small ceremony. Their marriage has lasted 22 years now and Ming-Na Wen’s husband attributes this to the fact that his wife has been loving and a good problem solver. The couple has been blessed with two children, a daughter named Michaela Kitlin and son named Cooper Dominic Zee. Michaela has followed in her parents' footsteps to be an actress and it just so seems that Ming-Na Wen’s husband will not be out of work anytime soon. Ming-Na Wen’s husband has been known to be supportive of his wife’s career and social ventures as can be seen from the massive support she gave her when she decided to set up an artist’s studio for Asian-American artists in California. This was to help promote Asian-American artists in the very competitive USA music industry.