Who Is Erick Sandoval? What We Know About The Musical Artist

Erick Sandoval is a singer and performer who has won The Academy award.

Erick Sandoval is a singer whose music you can find on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Who Is Singer Erick Sandoval?

Erick Sandoval is a singer born and raised in Mexicali, Baja, California.

In the ninth iteration of The Academy competition, he emerged victorious. From the photos and videos the singer posts on his Instagram account, we can see that he is currently following a career as a solo artist. He seems to be having a great time on stage.


He has been performing at MYST My Soundtrack. One of the most recent videos uploaded by the singer features him performing in front of an enthusiastic audience. Another video shows him playing on stage with Bella, and this time he's joined by Edward. In this video, we can see how much he enjoys performing on stage and loves his work.

Araceli De La Torre Tapia is Erick's mother. He shared a photo of her on her birthday. Erick has also shared a picture with her father. However, since he has not mentioned him, there is not much information available.

Erick is in a relationship with Caribe, whose Instagram handle is @caribehdz. The couple has some adorable photos on the platform.

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Erick Sandoval The Ninth Generation Winner Of The Academy

The nation's most well-known singing competition will come back in 2022, on the occasion of the first generation's twentieth anniversary.

They are currently searching for the best singers to be a part of The Academy for 20 years as they go through the process of speculating about who will be the critics that will make up the jury panel, which stars are going to lead the show, and when it will start all while looking for the best singers to be a part of the show.

The ambitious program debuted on television in 2002. Still, its creators had no idea that it would become a success in Mexico, the United States, and Latin America just a few short weeks later. The show has now lasted for a total of 12 generations.

The impact of the reality show started before it even premiered, when TV Azteca announced that castings would be held in certain states to find up-and-coming music stars. As a result, TV Azteca brought together hundreds of artists who all shared a common goal: to get a chance to work in the industry.

Every year The Academy has produced its share of great moments, ranging from heated debates between competitors and judges to passionate love stories. Even though many earned a great deal of notoriety, several performers who participated in the competition did not continue their creative careers when it was over, including some of the winners.

After his time at "The Academy," he continued to hone his acting skills to enhance his creative potential further.

Cecilia de la Cueva, Ronald Martinez, Gil Alvarez, Carmen Rosas, Pablo Balzano, and Erick Sandoval were the singers that showed the most improvement in reality in 2011. Still, in the end, only one could emerge victorious and claim the champion title. It was Mexicali, Baja California native Erick Sandoval who committed the crime.

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Erick Sandoval Career

After his time at The Academy, he continued to pursue a career as a solo artist. Based on the information found on his social networks, it is known that he is still actively performing in performances today.

During quarantine days, Erick released his latest single on June 26, 2020. The single is Lo Que Calla Tu Cama, which is What Silences Your Bed.

He is currently a member of MYST and plays on stage. On stage, he has a fabulous presence, and he loves to perform to upbeat music. His audience feels comfortable and at ease around him. They vibe to his on-stage persona.


Erick has also given acting and performing in musicals a shot at various points in his life. He participated in the production of Les Miserables in Mexico. On Instagram, he said that he had never before imagined that he would have a career in the performing arts. Earlier, he declined an invitation to perform in a musical theater production. On the other hand, when he was presented with the option to star in Les Miserables, he decided to take it. He saw it as a beneficial educational opportunity for himself.

Erick also got a feature on a magazine cover in 2018, for which he was very excited.