Esposa De Fernando Del Solar Ingrid Coronado, Journalist Death And Twitter Tribute

Fernando del Solar ( Source : Chicmagazine )

Fernando del Solar, was a Mexican actor and television host. He worked as the host of the shows Gánale al chef, Venga la Alegria, Sexes at war, and Insomnia.

Fernando del Solar passed away unexpectedly at the age of 49 after a long struggle with cancer.

Everyone is in shock after learning the tragic news of the actor's passing. Fernando recently wed Anna Ferro in March 2022.

People are curious to know more about the actor's wife and other personal information.

Murio(Died): Esposa(Wife) De(Of) Fernando Del Solar 

Fernando Del Solar married Ingrid Coronado in the year 2012 and he ended his relationship in 2015. After three years of marriage, they filed for divorce. They have three kids.

Ingrid Coronado and Fernando del Solar had previously been together in shows like "Sexes at War" and "Come, Joy."

Fernando del Solar with his ex-wife Ingrid Coronado
Fernando del Solar with his ex-wife Ingrid Coronado ( Source : Elimparcial )

They started off as friends, gave each other a chance at love, and got married. As a result, they became one of the most adored couples in Mexican entertainment.

Nevertheless, the marriage ended. When Fernando Del Solar was fighting cancer that severely compromised his health for years, Ingrid Coronado received harsh criticism for breaking off the relationship. 

Ingrid Coronado didn't say anything more about Fernando del Solar, but she did make it clear that after much internal struggle, she had transformed her connection with the man who raised her children. She also expressed her appreciation for him and the family he has built with his recent wife Ana Farro.

After splitting up his relationship with Ingrid Coronado Fernando Del Solar married Ana Farro on March 22, 2022.

Fernando Del Solar Familia

Fernando Del Solar has not provided any information about his family to the media. He has kept his data under wraps and refused to share it with the public.

Fernando, on the other hand, might have a supportive family. A person's success is often fueled by a supportive family who supports them to reach their objectives.

His family might be going through a difficult time as they have lost their loved ones. Death has always left people with a deep sense of bereavement and an unexplainable sense of loss.

We express our heartfelt condolence to his family and friends. We hope that God gives people who are grieving the loss of a loved one the strength and courage to go on.

Though our words are insufficient, we hope that our thoughts and prayers can comfort during this difficult time.

Fernando Del Solar Wikipedia

Fernando Del Solar, a Mexican actor of Argentine descent, was born on April 5, 1973. In addition to performing, he enjoyed presenting television programs and giving lectures and speeches with a motivating theme.

He was an inspiration to an entire generation, to say the least, with over 300,000 Instagram followers and 2 million Twitter followers.

Del Solar went to Mexico when he was a young child, where he obtained Mexican citizenship. He is the son of trader and housewife Rosa Lina Servidio and Norberto Cacciamani.

As an actor, he made appearances in the telenovelas Perla, Háblame de amor, and Un nuevo amor. Additionally, he hosted the programs "Gánale al chef," "Venga la Alegria," "Sexes at war," and "Insomnia."

For three weeks in March 2018, he participated in the Hoy de Televisa program, which was created by TV Azteca alumna Magda Rodriguez. 

Fernando Del Solar Girlfriend Ana Ferro

 Fernando Del Solar dated Ana Ferro after divorcing Ingrid Coronda. Fernando and Ana became friends after falling into each other in a yoga class in 2016.

Fernando del Solar and his wife Ana Ferro
Fernando del Solar and his wife Ana Ferro ( Source : Instagram )

Fernando Del Solar and Ana Ferro got engaged on February 14, 2021, and after everything they had gone through together, he couldn't be more in love with her.

She had been an important part of his recovery and had helped him when his health was at its worst. They shared a long period of time before getting married on March 22, 2022.