Esposa De Memo Bunke, Reportedly Daughter Is In Hospital

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Memo Bunke has been making headlines recently after revealing that his daughter is in the ICU following the birth of his grandchild. Many people are curious about his Esposa(wife) and family information amid this.

Memo Bunke is a well-known comedian who has risen to prominence thanks to his ability and talents. He leaped from the platforms of the bars at Valparaiso's harbor. Memo has offered the opportunity to play at the Via del Mar Festival in 2000 after his involvement in the "Olmué Festival" by Channel 13 officials.

Similarly, he also performed on The Covers 2, where Memo paid tribute to vocalists Raphael and Silvio Rodrguez.

Esposa De Memo Bunke(Memo Bunke's Wife): Detail To Know

Memo Bunke is happily married to his wife, Paola Torres. They've been married for seven years & their relationship appears to be stronger than ever. His wife's unwavering confidence in him & support for him was the key to their long and happy marriage.

In 2019, Bunke & his wife faced a terrible situation. It all began when Memo's wife began to suffer from migraines regularly.

"She had bad headaches," Bunke told La Cuarta, "which prompted her to spend six days at the Hospital del Salvador." And after undergoing an expensive checkup, she seemed ok, & she is now living happily with her husband, Memo.

Memo Bunke Wikipedia Biography 

According to Memo Bunke's Wikipedia, he rose to fame after his performance at the Olmué Festival, which executives from Canal 13 offered.

Following this, he got the chance to perform at the Via del Mar Festival in 2000.

"The cario del monstruo de la Quinta" was presented to him for his rendition of the program "Cachureos" song "La Mosca," which he performed in various melodies and rhythms and the comedy of Canciones from many eras.

Memo Bunke Edad(Age): How Old Is He?

Many of Memo Bunke's fans like her work and are curious about his details, such as his age.

Bunke has not revealed his exact age or date of birth to the general public until now. Nevertheless, based on his photographs & looks, he appears to be approximately 50 years old. However, his exact age is unknown to the public and is only an approximation. Talking about his familiar(family), he was born to loving parents who have always encouraged him to pursue a profession as a comedian. 

Memo Bunke has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He has earned a hefty sum of money through his successful professional career. 

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Memo Bunke Hija en Hospital(Daughter In Hospital)

Memo Bunke disclosed that his daughter is in the ICU after the birth of his grandchild. The comedian shared his story of the event on social media, saying that his grandchild is well, and his daughter would be fragile & admitted to the intensive care unit.

A comedian, Bunke opened up about his terrible family situation following the birth of his new grandchild on social media. And it's because, despite the good news, the newborn's mother ended up with many medical problems.

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