Who Is Ethan Jan From America's Got Talent 2022? All Details Of Amazing Rubik's Cube Performer

The 17 years old Ethan Jan who passed the audition of AGT 2022. ( Source : Instagram )

Ethan Jan is one of the participants of the 17th season of America Got Talent who passed the auditions and made it to another round by showcasing his Rubik's cube solving skills with twists.

Jan is a 17 years old high schooler from California, United States, who is very quick in solving Rubik's cubes and can also solve them with a blindfold, under the pool, and while juggling and riding a unicycle.

Ethan is a talented person who cannot only solve cubes but also recites 1000 digits of pi while blindfolded and plays piano and violin beautifully; he has impressed many people with his talent and has a great future ahead. 

Ethan Jan Age: How Old Is The Reality Tv Star?

Ethan Jan is 17 years old and began solving Rubik's cube in the fourth grade, and it only took him a week to perfect the art of solving the challenging puzzle toy. However, his date of birth is missing, so we are unsure when the Rubik's cube solver celebrates his birthday.

Ethan holding the Guinness World Records certificate.
Ethan holding the Guinness World Records certificate. ( Source : Instagram )

Jan is a high school senior at a school in Redlands, California. Furthermore, he dreamt of achieving a Guinness World Records certificate when he was ten; the reality tv star finally made it possible in early 2022 by breaking the Fastest Time to Solve a Rubik's Cube Upside Down record.

Ethan Jan Wikipedia: The Rubik's Cube Solver From America Got Tallent

Ethan is a Rubik's cube solver who amazed the judges and audience of America Got Talent with his skills while riding a unicycle, juggling, and solving four cubes with his back turned against them and not looking at the cubes.

He got called a genius, received four yeses, and made it to the next round, and everyone is excited to witness what he has to offer in the next game. Hopefully, Ethan will make it to the finals and achieve his goal of winning the AGT 2022.

Furthermore, it is not the first tv show he appeared on; he has also made his appearance on the first season of Game of Talents and shared those moments on his social networking sites. He is also the Guinness World Records for Fastest Time to Solve a Rubik's Cube Upside Down in 8.91 seconds.

Insight On Ethan Jan's Parents And Family Members

Ethan hasn't introduced his parents to the media yet, making us unaware of who his mother and father is; he also hasn't shared if he is the only child or has siblings.

Jan's parents might be very proud of his achievements at a young age by holding a Guinness World Records certificate and making it into the audition of the 17th season of America Got Tallent.

Furthermore, they might have chosen to have a low profile so that their private space won't get invaded and they could live peacefully minding their own business. Hopefully, the Rubik's cube solver will share more about his close ones in the upcoming days to keep his admirers updated on his lifestyle.

Ethan Jan Social Media Details, Find Him On Instagram

Jan is active on the media platforms as he uses them as a medium to share his talent with the world and help others solve the Rubik's cube in the easiest and fastest way.

Ethan has created his official account on Instagram under the handle @ethanjan3.14 and has accumulated 3.7k followers with 18 posts he made sharing his achievements.

The Rubik's cube solver also has another account under @2.718than_jan_3.14159265358979; he has made one post and shares them with only 618 followers, but he doesn't use that account anymore, as per the bio. 

Moreover, the reality tv star also shares videos of his solving the Rubik's cube on TikTok under the username @ethanjan3.14; he has gained 410.8k followers on the video-sharing platform and received 13.3m likes as of the 22nd of June 2022.