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Who Is Ethan Keiser? Meet Viral Big Brain On TikTok

Ethan Keiser is a famous computer programmer on Tiktok.
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Ethan Keiser is a popular AI enthusiast on Tiktok. He is known for sharing technical stuff with his 1.2 million followers on his profile.

In 2021, the social media star made headlines after posting Tiktok about reporting strippers to the IRS. He also stated that he was fired after making such claims, while strippers said that Keiser's video made the harassment they face worse.

In his original videos, Keiser boasted to his 840,000 followers at the time that he was earning $60,000 per month by "snitching" on dancers who flaunted their TikTok profits by filling out IRS whistleblower forms.

Who Is Ethan Keiser Aka Big Brain On TikTok?

Ethan Keiser is a viral sensation on Tiktok. By profession, he is an IOS engineer with huge experience.

Keiser graduated from Drexel University. He is specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interactions.

According to his LinkedIn, Keiser is a tech lead at an undisclosed tech company. Prior to this, he worked as a Software Engineer Manager for the CISCO, and as an IOS manager at Morgan Stanley.

Ethan Keiser's Youtube channel is a platform for psychology and technology.
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He began his career as a software developer at ECFMG and is also the founder of StudyTree, a specialized learning platform.

In 2021, his employer, CISCO parted ways with him after the company claimed that Keiser had endangered other employees for making comments on strippers. However, the company would not provide a reason for Keiser's separation. 

Meanwhile, the stripper's community on Tiktok, commonly known as "StripTok," claimed that rants against them doubled after Keiser's claims.

On December 2, 2020, he uploaded a video to YouTube demonstrating how he had used his Parallel Live app to fool club staff into believing he was live streaming to thousands of followers and wanted to promote their establishment in order to acquire access to clubs throughout Miami.

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Is Ethan Keiser Married? His Wife Details

Many women have made appearances on Ethan Keiser's TikTok. Although, it is not clear if one of them is his current wife or girlfriend.

On May 2020, the IOS engineer posted about how he dated 5,391 women in New York City at the same time. In the video, he shared his experience with automated online dating. 

Ethan Keiser claims he has dated 49,000 women online.
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Similarly, the social media star has not hinted anything about his relationships on his Instagram. He goes by the handlename @itsethankeiser and has a total of 67.4 thousand followers on the platform.

At present, Keiser is based in Miami, Florida. Speaking of his family, he shared a photo of his mother on July 26, 2019. 

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Ethan Keiser's Net Worth In 2022

Ethan Keiser's net worth is higher than $200,000 as of 2022.

According to The Insider, the IOS engineer had made $60,000 a month filling out IRS whistleblower forms. Also as a technical lead, his earnings are estimated at around $120,000.