Guardian Journalist Eva Wiseman Illness Struggles and Health Update

Eva Wiseman suffers from migraine

Eva Wiseman, a journalist with The Guardian, serves as commissioning editor for its magazine The Observer. She writes columns on topics ranging from news to sports to culture, lifestyle to opinion, and more. Her articles are inclusive of her personal experiences, struggles, and sometimes illnesses, alongside the headlining news and occurrences. 

People familiar with Wiseman's write-ups know she suffers from migraines. She presents her illness and its struggles in her articles in a dogmatic manner that stands out for being particularly creative.

What Illness Does Eva Wiseman Have?

Wiseman has had migraines since she was a young child. Her initial experiences with migraine were not marked by pain; instead, they involved the terrifying realization that she had forgotten how to read. 

Over the years, the journalist developed the ability to recognize the warning indications of a migraine, including a blind patch that shimmers and slowly expands across her vision and a day filled with somewhat psychedelic déjà vu. It was an everyday experience with migraine until a blind spot appeared in her vision in 2019 and persisted. It did not shimmer away like it used to. 

Moreover, the blind spot is still there to the right of Wiseman's vision as a white, vibrating structure. MRIs revealed a murky region on her brain, possibly caused by mini-strokes or migraines. A neurologist explained it as her habit of being accustomed to the discomfort, to the point she didn't notice the migraine had intensified its chronicity. 


Wiseman has experienced migraines every month since she was a child. The most straining emergence of migraine was when she was nine months pregnant. The columnist was anticipating a new kind of pain; the labor pain instead suffered from her old familiar migraine pain, which somehow disappeared in the morning.

Eva Wiseman Career Facts You Didn't Know

Award-winning novelist and journalist Eva Wiseman is a popular name in the domain of communication. She presently writes a column for The  Observer Journal and has been serving as its commissioning editor since 2008.

The Hungarian-born Canadian author's books have earned significant awards like the coveted Geoffrey Bilson Award for Young People's Historical Fiction, the McNally Robinson Books for Young People Award, and Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award. She bears the author's credit of books, namely, My Canary Yellow Star, Kanada, and The World Outside. 

Before starting to write, Wiseman worked as an artist for The Face, NME, and The Guardian. Additionally, she is available for projects with Bandit, Wall to Wall, and Woking Title. The journalist, who is in her forties as of 2022, has a decent size asset given her experience in the field of mass communication.

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Eva Wiseman's Partner and Family

Eva Wiseman is a married woman and also has two children. She gave birth to her first baby in 2015 and the second one amidst the pandemic in 2020. Little less is known about their identity. 

Eva frequently writes about her family in her column in The Observer. In one of her articles published in 2016, she wrote about her parents, particularly her mother's garden. Eva was born to an artist, precisely a sculptor mother, Judy Wiseman. She also has a father; however, his name hasn't been revealed.  


Her mother owned a business of casting bodies and figures; therefore, Eva, who was raised in a home with a large garden, had seen significant sculptures emerging from the ground of her garden while growing up. The sculptures were sometimes of a singing mouth growing against box hedges or fingers made to appear like a hook. It at many times fascinated and occasionally terrified the passersby.

Eva is not the only child in her family; she has a younger sister Nadia.