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Evander Kane Kids: Kensington Ava Kane And Iverson Frank Kane

Evander Kane with his gorgeous partner and adorable kids.
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The Edmonton Oilers left winger Evander Kane has two kids. He has a son Iverson Frank Kane and a daughter Kensington Ava Kane.

Evander had his baby girl with ex-wife Anna in 2020, and Kensington turned two on the 4th of July 2022, also Independence Day in the United States. 

Furthermore, the ice hockey player shares his baby boy will his partner, and Iverson will turn one on the 25th of May, 2023. The presence of the little ones in his life matters a lot, and he thrives daily to provide them with the best lifestyle.

Moreover, Kane spends every holiday with his loved ones, and he recently took his family to Disney land on the 31st of July 2022. Likewise, the athlete spent his free time with them to create countless memories.

Evander Kane Has Two Kids

Evander Kane is the proud father of two adorable kids whom he loves to infinity and beyond. They are the reason behind his happiness and joy in life.

Evander Kane and his family dressed as Winnie the Poo and the gang for Halloween 2022.
Source : instagram

Kane has a son named Iverson Frank Kane and a daughter named Kensington Ava Kane. Iverson and Kensington are loving, intelligent, and strong kids; their dad loves spending time with them.

Evander takes his little ones to his matches so that they can watch their dad play the sports he loves. The athlete taught his daughter to skate for the first time on the 9th of October, 2022. It was also his son's first time at a skating rink.

Evander Kane and his partner took their kids to the ice skating rink in October 2022.
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Moreover, the ice hockey player is very affectionate towards his babies and takes good care of little Kanes. He does his best to provide them with everything to make them happy and satisfied.

Evander Kane Had His Daughter With His Ex-Wife

Kensington Ava Kane was born to her dad Evander and her mom Aana. However, her dad and mom are no longer living together as husband and wife.

Evander Kane and Anna welcomed their daughter Kensington in 2020.
Source : twitter

The ice hockey player married his then-wife in 2018, but their marriage went downhill after spending a year together as a married couple. Their separation was a long procession, and the pair made headlines as their beef was all over the internet.

Evander Kane painted her daughter's nails. The baby girl is already into fashion.
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Kane also shared another baby with her. Their first child was Eva, delivered at 28 weeks, but the little one passed away at Standford Hospital in March 2019. Likewise, Anna also claimed to be pregnant with the athlete's third child, due in early 2022 but had her termination in July 2021

Evander Kane Son Is Five Months Old 

After going separate paths from his ex-wife, Evander got into a relationship with the fashion model Mara Teigen, and they share a baby boy.

Kane and Teigen have known each other for eight years and got each other's back. They are best friends, lovers, and parents to five-month-old Iverson.

Evander Kane and Mara Teigen celebrated Iverson Frank Kane's five months in October 2022.
Source : instagram

The ice hockey player and the model welcomed their son on the 25th of May 2022, and the little man will turn six months on the 25th of November 2022, which is only a few days apart.

Furthermore, Mara feels the luckiest to have the mini Kane. She is very gracious and graceful to be the mother of the little one, and she tries to be her best version for him. Likewise, his dad feels the same way and loves him unconditionally, and his arrival is the best thing to happen to his parents.

Evander Kane And His Family Of Four Lives Happily Ever After

Evander has a family of four and is living his best life with his loved ones. The athlete has found the best partner, and the pair are growing together as lovers and parents.

Kensington celebrated his 2nd birthday with her beloved parents and sibling on the 4th of July 2022.
Source : instagram

Kane and Teigen support each other in everything, and they spend quality time with their kids so that they can have a bunch of memories when they grow up.

Furthermore, the ice hockey player and the model have shared many cute pictures of their little ones on social networking sites to cherish them for a lifetime.

Iverson and Kensington flaunting their jersey with their dad's number '91.'
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Although Iverson and Kensington don't have separate social media accounts, they appear on their mom and dad's Instagram handles under @evanderkane and @marateigen.