Everton Takeover: Maciek Kaminski Net Worth 2022 and Asset Management Wikipedia

The Kaminski family with huge net worth are bankrolling the takeover bid to buy Everton. ( Source : co )

American businessman Maciek Kaminski's family, with huge a net worth, are bankrolling the takeover bid to buy Everton.

Everton FC, in recent years, has not performed at its best. They somehow managed to fight the relegation battle last, and now fans are demanding change in the Merseyside team. Following this, there are rumors that Kaminski Group's owner is interested in the team.

Maciek Kaminski, a real estate tycoon, recently made an advanced talk with current owner Farhad Moshiri. He was a member of the group that met with Moshiri in June under the direction of Peter Kenyon, a former chief executive of Manchester United and Chelsea.

Nevertheless, due to the complexity of the market condition, the deal was not finalized. Some sources have claimed that Kaminski's offer has remained under discussion, and we could see his fund for the new stadium and take the stake in the club.

The Financial Times reports that recent negotiations between the two parties have advanced well and that a settlement is likely. The usual proviso of the discussions between the two parties has advanced substantially over the previous few days, and a resolution seems likely.

Meanwhile, the premier league supporters are interested in learning more about the American businessman after hearing about Kaminski's connection to Everton FC. Here are a couple of things we do know about him.

Quick Facts On Maciek Kaminski

NameMaciek Kaminski
ChildrenMikhail Kaminski
Net WorthUSD 1 billion (approx)

Maciek Kaminski's Net Worth In 2022

The net worth of Maciek Kaminski is estimated at around USD 1 billion, as per the Liverpool Echo. While some sites like EC The Hub claim his family wealth is approximately USD 31 billion.

Kaminski has amassed most of his wealth as a real estate magnate, owning million-dollar properties around the USA and Poland. He hails from a well-known Central European aristocratic family in the Kaminski's. Even though they are from Poland, the US, Europe, and South America are their main markets. 

He is talking with Farhad Moshiri about the Everton FC takeover for around USD 450 million, which quickly falls under his budget.

The family of Maciek Kaminski bankrolling the takeover bid for Everton reportedly want an agreement in place.
The family of Maciek Kaminski bankrolling the takeover bid for Everton reportedly want an agreement in place. ( Source : dailymail )

Kaminski also established the KAM Sports company in February 2022 to purchase several sporting goods and media rights. He has kept Everton at the top of the list. There are reports that Kaminski will spend considerable money renovating Mercyside's legendary stadium, Goodison Park.

In the meantime, if we check out the net worth of Everton's current owner, Farhad Moshiri has a net worth of around 2.8 billion. He has acquired his money by being the single shareholder or owner of several steel and energy businesses in Britain and Russia.

Since Moshiri's initial arrival in 2016, he has spent more than £500 million on player transfers. But, still, the club's legendary stadium requires a potential investment.

Similarly, Everton also suffered a staggering £251 million in losses in the two years preceding their net loss of £120 million in 2020–21. In the same season, no club in the Premier League has suffered more casualties. The Merseyside blues were also close to relegation last season, finishing 16th, only four points above-relegated teams.

Who Is Maciek Kaminski? His Wikipedia

Maciek Kaminski, aka MG, is an American business tycoon. He was born in Poland and had a European origin.

Farhad Moshiri(left) is reportedly in talks to sell Everton to real estate mogul Maciek Kaminski pictured at right.
Farhad Moshiri(left) is reportedly in talks to sell Everton to real estate mogul Maciek Kaminski pictured at right. ( Source : thesun )

Kaminski earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Physics and went to the University of Minnesota. Currently situated in the United States, he is the founder and president of Kaminski Asset Management, Inc. The management organization controls a substantial portion of the stock market and oversees billions of dollars in assets.

In addition, Maciek manages the portfolio for the Kaminski Poland Fund, a private account from which he oversees investments in the markets of Central Europe. He has spent the last 15 years working in the investment industry.

Meet Maciek Kaminski's Aristocratic Family

Maciek Kaminski's family has been involved in the business and real estate for more than four generations. He has twenty-five years of experience in the field. Thus, he has significantly invested in the holdings and mining companies and has a diversified investment portfolio.

Although the exact origin of the Kaminski family is unknown, it is believed that Avron-Yitskok and Ester-Rokhl Kaminska, two Yiddish actors and theater directors, are its forefathers. The family's children were reared as Jews, and they owned a business in Poland. They ran their production firm for Yiddish theater.

The Kaminski family has a wealth estimated to be around USD 31 billion.
The Kaminski family has a wealth estimated to be around USD 31 billion. ( Source : ecthehub )

The Kaminski family rose to prominence financially in the 1990s. They started the Kam­in­ski Poland Fund, the only investment fund existing at the time in the country. 

Maciek Kaminski is living blissfully with his wife and family in Minnesota state. 

According to the rumors, Kaminski's family owns most of the shares of the KAM Sports company and served as director. His son Mikhail, a registered officer of KAM Sports, the vehicle for the takeover's investment, would also occupy a position on the board if he gets his signature for the Everton FC.

As per LinkedIn, Maciek's son, Mikhail, graduated from Hofstra University. He has worked with Aegis Capital in the past.

According to The Athletic, the Finch Farm training facility for Everton and the Bramley-Moore Dock construction site for the new stadium were both visited by members of the Kaminski group. The fans are hopeful of getting the new owners in the coming days.

Some FAQs

What is Maciek Kaminski's net worth in 2022?

Kaminski's net worth is estimated to be around USD 1 billion, and his family wealth is above USD 30 billion.

Who is Maciek Kaminski's wife?

Maciek Kaminski is married, and has a son named, Mikhail. He has not shared much about his personal life.

Is Maciek Kaminski buying Everton?

Maciek Kaminski is closing in on £400mn takeover of Everton FC. He is still in talks with current Everton owner Farhad Moshiri.