Fans Admire Damaris Phillips' Weight Loss As She Stuns In Her New Look

Damaris Phillips is an American chef and television personality.
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Chef Damaris Phillips underwent weight loss since she was on the Food Network in 2013. Damaris lost weight with a healthy diet.

Fans started noticing a slight transformation in 2021 before they became sure she was changing her diet in 2022. A year into her weight loss journey, Damaris has transformed her body into a slim and trim version of herself.

The American chef has been strutting around in her cute pink giraffe swimwear, tight dresses, and tight shirts now that her body goal has been met.

Unlike so many others, Phillips did not succumb to restricting her eating in the hopes of seeing quick results. Her long-term goal helped her be patient into not make drastic changes.

It is imperative to improve your diet and incorporate exercise in ways that you can maintain.

Chef Damaris Phillips Weight Loss

Chef Damaris Phillips has lost weight and shed a few pounds since she last appeared on the Food network.

Did Damaris Phillips step into the gym, restrict her diet, and count her calories during her journey to get in shape? Let's find out. 

Weight loss does not happen overnight, and anyone who has tried to shed a few pounds knows how difficult it can be.

Phillips focused on adding nutrient-rich foods into the things she put in her body instead of wondering what to take away.

She tries to add things that gives her the vitamins she needs.



It is common for her to add protein-rich Greek yogurt to a sauce and mix omega-3 rich walnuts in a salad.

Though it is difficult not to become discouraged as the pounds don't drop as quickly as you had hoped, Damaris stuck with her routine to get into the shape she felt comfortable in, and it seems she has finally hit her target. 

Commitment to fitness combined with a healthy diet helped Damaris Phillips transform her body and lose the number on the scale. 

These days, the television personality is big on exercise and regularly shares her workout routine on her Instagram handle @chefdphillips. 

Commitment to fitness combined with a healthy diet helped Damaris Phillips transform her body and lose the number on the scale. 

How Did Damaris Phillips Lose Weight?

Damaris Phillips lost weight by eating healthy foods with a Southern flair.

She has served more than a few secrets on maintaining a healthy and a strong body. The Southern chef believes strong is the new skinny.

"Instead of focusing on what my body looks like, I try and focus on how my body works--how strong my body is," says Damaris. 



Her trips and tricks to getting the body you want are to stay present when you eat and to eat small meals throughout the day. Focusing on each bite of your food helps you understand when you are full so you do not overeat.

Keeping yourself from getting so hungry that you will not be tempted to snorkel down junk food will solve half your problem.

During her journey, she snacked on almonds, smoothies, avocado with tuna fish, or peanut butter throughout the day.

Where Is Damaris Phillips Now? 

Damaris Phillips is currently with her husband Darrick Wood in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The celebrity chef has been a co-host on The Bobby and Damaris Show with Bobby Flay on the Food Network since September 2017.

She regularly experiments with vegetarian recipes in her kitchen and uploads them on her YouTube channel. She was invited on The Kelly Clarkson Show to whip up some Kentucky Derby treats in early May. 

Damaris Phillips had a Culinary Arts degree from Jefferson Community and Technical College. She was working as a culinary instructor when she was cast as a contestant on Food Network Star.

As luck would have it, Phillips won the ninth season of the Food Network show on August 11, 2013.