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10 Things You Should Know About Farideh Sadeghin
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Farideh Sadeghin is someone we just can’t miss when it comes to celebrity chefs. And, she is the culinary director at Vice’s Munchies too.

Likewise, her different style of recipes inspired from all around the world is what makes her stand out. No wonder, people are so fond of her cooking style.

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sundae on Sunday 🥰(📸: @strood)

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Moreover, she has her own cooking show as well. And, it is none other than The Cooking Show with Farideh. 

But, enough with her professional details, let’s get to know some of Farideh Sadeghin’s personal life.

Who is her husband?

Well, Farideh Sadeghin does not have a husband yet. After all, she is not even married as of now. And, although people may have guessed she had a husband, she does not.

Similarly, there are not any updates about her relationship status as well. As a result, the public does not have any clue if she is dating anyone currently.

She is of American nationality

Most people seem to think that Farideh Sadeghin isn’t American by nationality. But, as a matter of fact, she is of American nationality.

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missing chilly summers in NZ.

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In the same way, she is a native of Davidsonville, Maryland. And, she was brought up in the central Anne Arundel County of Maryland.

What is her age?

As it turns out, Farideh Sadeghin is 36 years of age as of this year. And, she was born on May 6 in the year 1982.

Is she married?

Farideh Sadeghin has not married yet. However, most people seem to think she is already married and settled. But, that is not so.

Likewise, neither is there any info if she is getting married any soon.

Farideh Sadeghin Wiki bio

Quite honestly, Farideh Sadeghin does not have a Wiki bio as of now. Nonetheless, her brief info and her work-related details are easily accessible on the internet.

So, there is no short of info about chef Farideh Sadeghin.

Is she single currently?

It does seem like Farideh is single currently. Likewise, her relationship status is completely off the radar. In fact, there have not been many rumors about her dating life as well.

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✌🏼+ 🍰 // 2 0 2 0

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In the same way, Farideh herself has never talked about her romantic life to the public before. And, it looks like she’d rather keep her personal life from the eyes of the public.

Farideh Sadeghin is on Instagram

You guys might not know it yet but she is on Instagram. And, we can see that she often shares her photos and the photos of food made by her.

Moreover, she has over 41.4 thousand followers on her account. So, we can say that she has a pretty good fanbase of her cookery.

Farideh Sadeghin Net Worth as of 2020

Farideh’s net worth as of 2020 might amount to a hefty sum. After all, her career seems to be going pretty smoothly since her recipes are just great.

However, her net worth as of 2020 has not been reviewed yet. Nevertheless, her estimated net worth as of last year amounts to $200 thousand dollars.

She loves to travel

If you follow Farideh on Instagram, you’ll know about the love she has for traveling. And, to this date, she has traveled to many places and wishes to travel more.

Details about her parents and family

As of now, details about her parents and family are still unknown to most people. And, Farideh Sadeghin has not revealed much about them.

But, she is quite close to her parents. Likewise, she cherishes the times she got to spend with them.