What Happened At Fatboy Slim EDM Tent? Woodstock '99 Looks At Girl Assault Case

Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99', the Worst Music Festival Ever ( Source : Esquire )

English musician, DJ, and record producer Norman Quentin Cook, better known by his stage name Fatboy Slim, has contributed a lot to the emergence of the big beat genre in the 1990s.

In an interview for the recently released three-part Netflix investigative documentary, Trainwreck: Woodstock '99, the DJ reflected on the incident.

As the show's synopsis speaks- "Woodstock 1969 promised peace and music, but its '99 revival delivered days of rage, riots, and real harm. Why did it go so horribly wrong?"

Read further to know why the particular incident makes Fatboy Slim still terrified. 

What Happened At Fatboy Slim EDM Tent?

One British man, Fatboy Slim, wondered what he had walked into as the Woodstock music festival of 1999 burned to the ground. The musician- real name Norman Cook- described precisely what happened on the night of his scariest set.

Over 400,000 crowd was riled up by Limp Bizkit, tearing down walls and destroying other podiums around the venue. The ferocious energy was heading to the rave hanger for late-night entertainment. The spot was crowded with people acting in the most hedonistic ways.

While the gig was thought to be one of the most notable performances of Slim's life, and he was scheduled to perform the Saturday night headline set at the 30th-anniversary celebration of the original peace and love hippie festival held in upstate New York, it became such a sad thing which is still being discussed 23 years later.

It was not what Fatboy Slim had hoped at all. One staff member working that night quoted the documentary saying he flashed his light on the floor and saw people on all fours involved in sexual activity. 

Likewise, another staff claimed that the scene was even more debauched than the Berghain's dark room as he saw several naked people lined up with their hands against a wall and a line of people behind them.

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Woodstock '99 Looks At Girl Assault Case Of A Girl In Tent

Another terrifying story of that night involved the sexual assault of a girl, which the musician still can't forget. During his performance at Woodstock 1999, a van plowed into the crowd, which Fatboy Slim described as "terrifying."

Cook started playing one of his songs during his set and had only completed a few tracks when he noticed a large object moving into the hangar. He initially assumed that the van was merely a fun addition to the production, similar to the art cars at Burning Man.

It took very little time as that van stolen by a group of individuals rammed into the crowd. Cook acknowledges that he was devastated by request to stop the music so that they could move the van out of the hangar; nevertheless, he denied the request thinking it was customary to be criticized during concerts, and it was Woodstock.

Afterward, the crowd did not take it well and began throwing bottles, cups, and other trash at him, another common theme throughout the rest of the festival.

Fatboy Slim recalls Woodstock '99 horror
Fatboy Slim recalls Woodstock '99 horror ( Source : Nme )

Following this, the stage manager, A.J. Srybnik, arrived at the man and discovered a person brandishing a "rusty old" machete, along with a boy pulling up his pants and an unconscious teenage girl with her clothes pulled off. 

He exclaimed, "I was floored. It took the life out of me, literally." He had just seen the victim of a sexual assault. The girl was then rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

What did Fatboy Slim do? The musician was told to run from the show after experiencing such a grave situation, and he did. Since that night, he has never forgotten the spine-chilling incident.

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Fatboy Slim Net Worth And Netflix Show 

Fatboy Slim recalled and stated all the aforementioned details as Netflix began sharing this horrible incident as a documentary. Several other people present that night were asked for the information while preparing this Netflix show.

The legendary British DJ and producer Fatboy Slim is no longer preoccupied with producing hit songs. However, he still has the DJ bug despite devoting himself to art and film projects. In 2022, the net worth of the old-timer DJ is estimated to be 20 million USD.