Who Is Freddie Figgers Married To? Untold Truth About Natlie G. Figgers

Freddie Figgers Sharing His Business Ideas With The Audience

Freddie Lee Figgers was born on September 26, 1989. Figgers grew up in Quincy, Florida but now lives in Coral Gates.

Freddie is an entrepreneur who was abandoned at birth and adopted when he was just two days old. At 16, Freddie was busy launching his first company, Figgers Computer Inc.

According to the source, Atlanta Black Star Figgers was the CEO of a $2.2 million Florida communications company in 2016. He founded the company Figgers Communication in 2009

Many people may know Freddie Figgers as the tech whiz with millions of dollars worth of a company, but it is beyond that. There is the backstory to the shining diamond that he has become.

Quick Facts About Richest Businessman Freddie Figgers 

Birth NameFreddie Figgers
Date Of Birth26th September 1989
Age32 years old
ProfessionTechnology investor, Software engineer and Philanthropist
Famous as Founder of Figgers Communications, The Figgers Foundation and FiggHealth
BirthplaceQuincy, Florida, United States Of America
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse Natalie
ChildrenRose Lee
Adopted ParentsNathan and Betty Mae

Who Is Freddie Figgers Wife Natalie G. Figgers?

Freddie Figgers's wife is Natalie G Figgers, a lawyer and one-time Chief Operating Officer in a Freddie Figgers wireless company.


Natalie G. Figgers, pronounced as "Nat-Lee," is a Haitian American attorney, education instructor, and businesswoman. Natalie has an extensive experience as a corporate executive for telecommunications and health companies.

Mrs. Figger founded Figgers Law in 2018, a boutique law firm that represents individuals and businesses in Florida on legal matters relating to business law and family law. Most important, Mrs. Figger is a supporter of justice reform.

Freddie's wife investigates and advocates for those who have been victimized by convicted and imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. Her excellent conviction cases have been featured in GQ Magazine, Miami Herald, and Miami Times.

Moreover, Freddie Figger is active on her Instagram account, aka @natliegfiggers, with 12.9k followers, 679 followings, and 133 posts. Her recent post was uploaded on July 25, 2020.

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 Freddie's Girlfriend And Past Relationship

Most prosperous Businessman Freddie has kept his Girlfriend And Past Relationship mystery from his audience.

However, we dig deep to find out about Freddie's past relationship, but currently, there is no data available on the internet. 

Freddie started his own company at age 15; he focused on his career from an early age. This might be the reason why the Businessman has no past relationship.

As of August 8, 2022, the Businessman is happily living his married life with his beautiful wife, Natalie G Figgers. Both couples seem to have a successful careers in their profession.

Moreover, Figger tied the knot with his beautiful wife Natalie Figger, with whom he has a little girl named Rose. Both couples are blessed with their beautiful daughter Rose in their life.

 Biological Mother Abandoned Freddie Figgers

The Computer programmer was left by his biological mother in a dumpster right after his birth.


Figger was sent to the organization where he met his future parents. Figgers told The Guardian that his adoptive parents took him under their wings.

The Businessman feels so blessed to get such beautiful and supportive parents in his life. Even though he was adopted, his parents treated him like their child.

Furthermore, behind the curtain of his successful career is a big hand from his adoptive Dad and Mom. Figgers father gave him a broken computer early to keep his mind busy.

Later on, this distraction worked, and he started repairing the computer using the components of the radio. And now, he has become a successful businessman and owns his own company.